Hyperco Stacked Spring / Dual Rate Setup


How does a Hyperco Stacked Spring / Dual Rate Setup work?


Basically, the system works on the principle that two springs working in series share the overall applied deflection. That is a fancy way of saying that when you stack two springs, the combined spring rate drops. With our system, we can lock out one of the two springs during the shock’s deflection. Once this happens, any additional deflection is only moving one spring, so the effective spring rate increases to the active spring’s rate.


Typical stacked spring on a coilover setup.


By picking and choosing the two springs in the assembly, we can give you a fairly broad range of spring rates and rate combinations. The advantage of the adjustable locking ring is that it lets you select where in the shock’s displacement you want the transition to take place. This gives you far more flexibility than dedicated progressive springs.The down side is that the spring stacks can get fairly long. But if you have room for the package, this gives you the chance to have a variable rate setup that you can tune using off-the-shelf springs. In other words, you get more flexibility at lower cost.