AlconKits Referral Program - Public

AlconKits is seeking creators of  good useful content related to (for now) braking.

We are implementing a tracking system that allows our blogging/content partners to generate ads, links, banners, etc.. that contain a unique tracking code.  When someone clicks on the ad, link, blog, etc.. the website tracks that person.  We will pay you for any incoming traffic (similar to Google's pay-per-click) and if the person makes a purchase later, that purchase will also be credited to you and you will receive a percentage of that sale.

So at any time you can login to our website, get your codes, post your content on our site, and monitor the traffic you have generated and your income earned.  The task is simple.

  1. Create good related content  with links for more information that point to our website (links will contain the tracking code)
  2. Post it out there (forums, blogs, e-zines, content accumulators, etc..)
  3. Traffic is tracked per above.

The key is to write both informative and/or interesting articles.  We've had success posting just the first paragraph with the "read more" link containing your code and the remainder of the article on our site, plus if you're discussing something related to what we sell, include a link to that product to increase chances of generating a sale.  I'll send out examples later once I've gotten it together and have the people we need.

For the launch of the program, we have settled on the following payment rates:

  • Ten Percent off list for the affiliate on any item.
  • Sales generated: 2.5% of the gross sale amount back.
  • Unique Visitors: $0.25 per every unique visitors, plus
  • Clicks: $0.10 for every repeat visit by the customer.

For example:  If 100 people read your article and visit our website as a result, then 50 come back the next  day, and a week later two make a purchase for a brake kit (typically around $4000) You would receive:

  • $250.00 for the sales.
  • $0.25 for the visitors first visit
  • $0.10 for their repeat visits.

You also get 10% off any item we sell using your own generated code provided you make at least 1 post per month.

There is no time limit on the content referrals.  If someone clicks and buys with your link in an article a year old, we still count that.

Here is what we provide:

  1. A referral ID and a control panel from the website that contains your tools
  2. Pre-built kit of links, banners, and text triggers.
  3. A blog to post your content (combined with other authors)
  4. A traffic panel to keep track of what traffic you are getting and where it is coming from (so you can see what sources are the most profitable and active)
  5. A payment panel to keep track of your earnings

We pay out once per month as long as earnings are over $50.00, otherwise the amount will roll over until it reaches $50.00.  Payment will be via Paypal (preferred) or Check.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions: