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Take a look at some of the NASA drivers taking advantage of the Alcon contingency offered to NASA HPDE, TT, and Wheel-to-wheel drivers.


You asked! E36 M3 brake kit from Alcon

After we announced the Alcon Contingency I got a slew of requests for an E36 M3 brake kit that would fit under 17" wheels and I promised we'd work on it.

Yesterday we finalized the specs for the kit. Details are in the brochure below. Here's the important stuff...

We will need at least 2 orders before we will produce the kit. We will build a minimum of 3 at that time. If we get 4 orders I can look into preferential pricing if you do not have enough Alcon Points accumulated. You HAVE registered for the program right?! Details here: It will take 2 weeks to complete the engineering work one we have those orders, and 8 weeks to produce the kit.

We will not charge you untill the kit ships! We just need the confirmed order online to get rolling.


New 996 GT3 Cup Floating Rotors from Alcon

Here are the new OEM replacement GT3 and GT3 Cup replacement rotors from Alcon - Unboxed!

Beautiful construction with a big unsprung weight savings.  The full floating setup will dramatically increase the life of the discs and pads because the floating rings have much more even heat distribution across the rotor face for less thermal stress.  As a result, braking improves!

Find them here at


CAR17 and CAR39 Calipers

Here are images of the newest caliper design, the CAR17 and CAR39.  The caliper came out of the Carbon-Ceramic Development Program and are some of the most advanced calipers on the market.  The second image is a limited offering as a nickel-plated caliper for those who really want their brakes to stand out!


The standard CAR 17 Caliper


The Nickel Plated CAR17



Front and Rear together:


Alcon Brakes Into Porsche 911 Territory

Porsche 911 brake specialists


"The level of control, performance and robustness the CCX kit provides on the GT3 is astonishing. Porsche brakes are arguably the best in the market for mainstream sportscars, but with CCX the best just got a whole load better… Mega!"
Mat Jackson - BTCC Driver


Alcon CCX offers Porsche drivers the ultimate in high performance braking for both road and track, taking the original OEM set up to a whole new level. CCX is a major step forward in the quest for lighter, more efficient brakes.

Carbon ceramic brakes are nothing new in the world of high performance road cars but Alcon CCX differs in that they work supremely well in all conditions. Furthermore, CCX brakes do not suffer from premature oxidation as other carbon ceramic brakes are prone to do so at elevated temperatures. Alcon’s unique design and composition ensures that wear rates for both pads and discs is actually lower than the OEM brakes.

Extensively tested over thousands of miles to ensure the braking effect adds value to the Porsche experience, the Alcon CCX upgrade for Porsche 997 GT2/3 models is now available.

With the CCX kit for the 911, Alcon set out to achieve something that had not been done before: to provide carbon ceramic brakes that are as suitable for everyday road use as they are on the race track. The CCX package is specifically designed to be fade resistant, provide excellent “bite” even when cold and improve the driver "feel".

  • 390 mm diameter front ventilated, crossed drilled carbon ceramic discs
  • 360 mm diameter rear ventilated, cross drilled carbon ceramic discs
  • Front and rear Alcon CCX-1 pads (to fit to OE calipers)
  • Lightweight aluminium floating front bells
  • Lightweight aluminium floating rear bells incorporating steel park brake drum
  • Caliper spacers to lift the OE caliper in order to accommodate the larger diameter CCX discs.

AlconKits Referral Program - Public

AlconKits is seeking creators of  good useful content related to (for now) braking.

We are implementing a tracking system that allows our blogging/content partners to generate ads, links, banners, etc.. that contain a unique tracking code.  When someone clicks on the ad, link, blog, etc.. the website tracks that person.  We will pay you for any incoming traffic (similar to Google's pay-per-click) and if the person makes a purchase later, that purchase will also be credited to you and you will receive a percentage of that sale.

So at any time you can login to our website, get your codes, post your content on our site, and monitor the traffic you have generated and your income earned.  The task is simple.

  1. Create good related content  with links for more information that point to our website (links will contain the tracking code)
  2. Post it out there (forums, blogs, e-zines, content accumulators, etc..)
  3. Traffic is tracked per above.

The key is to write both informative and/or interesting articles.  We've had success posting just the first paragraph with the "read more" link containing your code and the remainder of the article on our site, plus if you're discussing something related to what we sell, include a link to that product to increase chances of generating a sale.  I'll send out examples later once I've gotten it together and have the people we need.

For the launch of the program, we have settled on the following payment rates:

  • Ten Percent off list for the affiliate on any item.
  • Sales generated: 2.5% of the gross sale amount back.
  • Unique Visitors: $0.25 per every unique visitors, plus
  • Clicks: $0.10 for every repeat visit by the customer.

For example:  If 100 people read your article and visit our website as a result, then 50 come back the next  day, and a week later two make a purchase for a brake kit (typically around $4000) You would receive:

  • $250.00 for the sales.
  • $0.25 for the visitors first visit
  • $0.10 for their repeat visits.

You also get 10% off any item we sell using your own generated code provided you make at least 1 post per month.

There is no time limit on the content referrals.  If someone clicks and buys with your link in an article a year old, we still count that.

Here is what we provide:

  1. A referral ID and a control panel from the website that contains your tools
  2. Pre-built kit of links, banners, and text triggers.
  3. A blog to post your content (combined with other authors)
  4. A traffic panel to keep track of what traffic you are getting and where it is coming from (so you can see what sources are the most profitable and active)
  5. A payment panel to keep track of your earnings

We pay out once per month as long as earnings are over $50.00, otherwise the amount will roll over until it reaches $50.00.  Payment will be via Paypal (preferred) or Check.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions:



NASA Contingency Details

Alcon NASA Racing Contingency Program

Thank you for visiting.  While this program is no longer active - we are still happy to work wtih NASA members to provide discounts on Big Brake Kits and accessories.  Please email us at and ask us for details.

Good luck and good racing.

Your AlconKits team.

Alcon brakes 2012 - Racing success

Alcon-equipped vehicles came to a smooth stop in victory lane nine times this summer, including three straight NASCAR Sprint Cup wins, one NASCAR Nationwide Series win, one American Le Mans Series win, and four GRAND-AM Series wins.

In 2012, Alcon-equipped cars have won nine races and led the points for 22 of 25 races in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.

The lightweight yet durable braking system provided the Alcon advantage to the championship contenders at Bristol, with Alcon-equipped Cup cars leading 320 of 500 laps.

64%% of NASCAR Sprint Cup races on tracks less than a mile have won with the help of Alcon’s brake technology since the release of the current NASCAR Sprint Cup packages in 2009.

The premier provider of high performance braking systems proudly congratulated Greg Biffle’s team on the win at Michigan, Denny Hamlin’s team on the wins at Bristol and Atlanta, Joey Logano’s Nationwide team’s win at Bristol, and TRG and Al Carter’s ALMS win at Baltimore.

Also celebrating in victory lane and running Alcon brakes were Turner Motorsport in the Grand-AM GT race at Mid-Ohio and Watkins Glen, and Rum Bum Racing at Road America and Watkins Glen in the Grand-AM GS races.

Autumn usually ushers in a season of change, but for Alcon, the wins kept coming through September and into October, with one NASCAR Sprint Cup win and one Grand-AM series win.

Denny Hamlin’s win at New Hampshire was the tenth win in 2012 for Alcon in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. Of Joe Gibbs Racing’s 100 wins, 32 have been Alcon-equipped racecars.

Matt Kenseth won the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at Talladega in October. “When the pile-up happened in turn four, those Raybestos brakes (engineered by Alcon) were there for Matt,” said veteran Roush Fenway crew chief and current No. 17 pit leader Jimmy Fennig. “He maintained control and avoided that final-lap crash.” This marked Alcon’s eleventh win in the series this year.

Alcon-equipped vehicles have won 39.5% of the NASCAR Sprint Cup races on ovals (when teams opted to use the short track package) since the release of the Generation 2 package.

Team Sahlen celebrated their first win in the Grand-AM GT series at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca on September 9!

Alcon Develops Braking Solution for Protean Electric Motors

Announced at a press conference during the Society of Automotive Engineers World Congress, Alcon and Protean Electric have joined in a technical partnership with the development of a custom braking solution for Protean Electric’s in-wheel drive system.

Protean Electric is an award-winning technology company that has developed an in-wheel electric system for hybrid, plug-in hybrid and battery electric light-duty vehicles. The unique Protean Drive system can improve vehicle fuel economy, add torque, increase power and enable improved vehicle handling. The in-wheel motors are designed for a broad range of vehicles and can also be retrofitted on any vehicle with an 18 to 24-inch wheel.

“We are very pleased to announce strategic partnerships with some of the best automotive expertise in the world,” said Protean Electric Chairman and CEO Bob Purcell in a press release. “We are leading the industry in in-wheel electric drive systems, and we have partnered with unsurpassed global automotive expertise to make sure our solutions are reliable, durable, and can be brought to market cost-effectively.”

Through the technical partnership Alcon has designed a custom braking solution that works with the in-wheel motors. Because the in-wheel motors fit within the space normally occupied by the brakes, Alcon was tasked with designing and developing a unique foundation brake solution to work with the Protean Drive system and maintain the same functionality as the original vehicle brakes

Phil Stubbs, President of Alcon USA said “the partnership with Protean takes full advantage of Alcon’s key strengths of design, development and in-house testing of custom engineered brake systems”.

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