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Bleeding your brakes - Motive Power Bleeder


WARNING: Hydraulic fluid is hazardous. Read and follow fluid manufacturer's warnings. Hydraulic fluid is corrosive and may damage automobile paint or other surfaces. If fluid spills, flush with water immediately. Always wear safety goggles when working with hydraulic fluid.

DIRECTIONS: Use your Power Bleeder only as directed. Read these directions completely before starting. The Power Bleeder is intended for use only by individuals experienced with bleeding and servicing hydraulic systems. If you are unsure about your ability or experience, consult a trained professional. Always follow vehicle manufacturers' directions when bleeding hydraulic systems.

1. Ensure that Power Bleeder is clean and free of debris, old hydraulic fluid, or any cleaners or solvents.

2. Remove hydraulic fluid reservoir cap from vehicle. If old fluid is excessively dirty, siphon it off and refill reservoir with fresh fluid. Do not pump excessively dirty fluid through hydraulic system.

3. Firmly attach Power Bleeder cap to the fluid reservoir, ensuring that gasket seats properly and is not worn or cracked.

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 AlconKits is an independant Authorized Dealer of Alcon Specialist Brakes and Clutches and supplies brake kits, maintenance parts, and braking accessories to the aftermarket.  We supply Alcon brake kits to the performance aftermarket including kits for Audi, BMW, Porsche, Nissan and many others.  

Owned and operated by MotoDelta Motorsports.  MotoDelta has been supplying parts and service to Midwest sports cars for over 40 years.

 Alconkits is not affilated with Alcon Brakes UK.

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