PAIR (2) Nissan GT-R (R35) 08-Pres Rear Rotor 380x30mm

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PAIR (2) Alcon O.E. Replacement Rear Rotor Rings for both DBA-CBA GTR. (US 209-2016 -- RoW 2008-2016) 380mm x 30mm Crescent Grooved.
  • Manufacturer: Alcon
  • SKU: DKR2175X757C24L/R
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Alcon O.E. Replacement Rear Rotor Rings for both DBA-CBA GTR. (US 2009-Present -- RoW 2008-Present)  Includes both LEFT and RIGHT rotors along with Alcon Hardware.  

These will re-use the stock center hats with the provided Alcon hardware.  380mm x 30mm Crescent Grooved.

Motorsport grade casting discs with Alcon's signature Crescent grooves. These will last 2-3 times longer than the OEM units and offer better initial bite, less prone to crack, and they work well for both street/track performance built GTRs; or simply a much better alternative than O.E. as a GTR maintenance product. Installation is approximate 2-3 hours with the provided installation guide.

Advantage Extreme discs have been engineered to produce optimum bite, thermal stability and durability in an exceptionally high strength to low weight design.  This hasbeen achieved by combining a special Alcon developed iron alloy disc with an aerospace specification alloy bell.


alcon r35 disc 4Other Alcon disc benefits include:

  • Unique crescent grooves on friction faces provide the bite usually associated with drilled discs without the attendant durability problems.
  • Directionally curved cooling vanes for optimum cooling performance
  • Alcon's floating disc system (as used in the majority of applications) has been designed to allow thermal expansion of the disc throughout it's life while minimizing the tendency to shudder.

This part is the Disc and fasteners ONLY.


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