Brake rotor shudder fix and surface conditioning kit

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Rotor surface conditioning kit to remove improper brake pad deposition and cure brake shudder most commonly interpreted as warped rotors.
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Every warped brake disc that we’ve investigated with the assistance of our suppliers shows uneven patches of friction material from the brake pads on the surface of the disc. These patches cause variation in thickness (run-out) and the vibration under braking. Brake manufacturers have been struggling to deal with this situation for years because warped discs are so readily blamed for brake-related vibrations.  Read more here:


NOTE: This material is specially designed for surface prep of brake rotors.  Using the wrong abrasive can cause more issues with your brake rotors as certain particles like silicon and others will embed themslves into the rotor metal matrix and cause additional uneven deposits after only a few miles making the problem worse rather than better.  DO NOT use just any abrasive pad on your rotors!


This item will not ship via USPS or Air freight or internationally due to restrictions on the brake cleaner...



1 x High Performance rotor cleaner/degreaser

1 x quick-change drill mount holder

4 x medium/course disc surface prep pads


To use:


  1. Use brake cleaner to remove all grease and dirt from rotor surfaces.
  2. Mount quick change holder and surface prep disc on hand drill.
  3. Using a light pressure on the drill and keeping it at a right angle to the rotor surface, you can start working your way around the rotor.
  4. Move the drill in small circles, moving counterclockwise around the rotor produces both the best surface finish and cleaned the fastest; if you see heavy "swirls" in the metal, you're likely applying too much pressure or you have something embedded that is making the swirls.
  5. You should be able to get an entire rotor (both sides) cleaned up with one pad. Keep repeating until you have a uniform silver/grey surface with faint scoring.



Monday, 20 January 2020
Took me a little bit to figure out how to get a good swirl pattern on my rotor but this did the trick. Thanks. I can't believe how many people told me I had warped rotors. Nope.
Taufiq Tajuddin
Tuesday, 07 January 2020
My mechanic kept telling me I needed new rotors unti I printed your article. I used this at home and FINALLY no more brake pulsing. Save me like $400....
Christopher McFarlane