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Up to $600 rebate on eligible brake kits through December
Up to $600 rebate on eligible brake kits through December
Rotora HD Challenge Brakes

Rotora HD Challenge Brakes

HD Challenge Brake System

 Rotora HD Challenge Brake System is exclusively engineered for Light-Duty and Medium-Duty Class vehicles with the sole purpose of extreme hauling/towing/off-road use. To exceed the unique challenges these vehicle classes present, Rotora incorporates its technical know-how gained throughout the years as a prominent supplier of extreme braking system solutions to top global armored-security-military vehicle manufacturers in the industry.

 ROTORA Brakes are now offered at We don't just sell systems - we service them, support our customer with technical information and service items, and offer extensive consultation to ensure you are choosing what you want - but exactly what you need.


Rotora® HD Challenge Series not only offers a wide range of sizes/options to accommodate both OEM and larger Aftermarket wheel fitments, but also provides an extensive range of brake pad compounds to suit all purposes from street to extreme-duty use. As in line with other Rotora® Series, all HD Challenge Series are designed application specific with 100% compatibility to original vehicle stock master cylinder, ABS, and traction control.





  • Calipers are made of ductile iron to ensure the highest level of strength and stiffness.

  • Oversize Airfoil Slotted Discs to increase brake torque, thermal mass, disc life, and airflow for cooling under severe braking.

  • High co-efficient brake pads with enlarged area to increase thermal capacity and prolong pad life.

  • DOT compliant stainless steel braided brake lines to improve stiffer pedal feel and prevent brake hose expansion.



Rotora designs and manufactures a broad range of heavy duty (HD) brake system and braking components for armored, security, military, and other Special Purpose armored Vehicles (SPV).    In accommodating this diverse market, Rotora implements very specific brake design aspects to increase thermal capacity thereby delivering the best vehicle stability, stopping power and durability needed to exceed the original factory brake system. With careful consideration of the specific levels of armoring and vehicle curb weight, Rotora will offer the best solution within clients’ budget and criteria.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements and for further technical information.






We offer a number of rotor, pad, color, and caliper configurations that are tailored to help you acheive your mission.  Whether its official or just a weekend away we can accomodate what you need to accomplish and get you there and back safely.  We love the personal expression a good set of brakes can give you, but more importantly the safety and security you get knowing no matter what you do, we will help you acheive your goals.

Rotora brakes stand as the epitome of reliability and performance, rendering them an unparalleled choice for both civilian and contractor applications. The foundation of their exceptional dependability lies in their precision engineering and rigorous testing processes. Rotora meticulously crafts their brake systems, employing advanced metallurgy to ensure durability and heat dissipation, which is crucial for heavy-duty applications. These brakes are designed to withstand the most demanding conditions, providing consistent stopping power even under extreme temperatures and high-stress scenarios, an essential attribute for contractors operating in challenging environments.



At, we take pride in being the foremost source for Rotora brake systems, offering an extensive inventory of their products. Our commitment to quality and authenticity ensures that you receive genuine Rotora components, guaranteeing optimal performance and longevity. With a team of experts dedicated to assisting you in selecting the right brake system for your specific needs, is your trusted partner in enhancing safety and performance, whether you're a civilian driver seeking superior braking precision or a contractor requiring dependable stopping power for your heavy-duty vehicles. Choose Rotora brakes through for a premium, reliable solution that elevates your braking performance to the highest standard.

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