Alcon Big Brake kit for BMW X3 F25

If you want to improve your braking performance on your BMW X3 and X5, whether for safety, performance, or simply to take the car to the next level of street cred, you’re in the right place.

Unlike “Big Red” brake kits out there, our components aren’t made in China.  They are more durable, stronger, and longer lasting.  You get the same materials, design, and manufacture as the kits that go on the professional racecars.  Be that ALMS, World Rally, or NASCAR.  Why would a company put “the good stuff” on the pro cars, and then send you something that wasn’t just as good?  We don’t know.



Let’s look at the components of the Alcon BMW X3 and X5 Big Brake kit:


Alcon Caliper


Calipers:  Alcon’s Monobloc calipers are large and light.  Larger brake pads and extra clamping force are going to stop your BMW  faster and with more confidence?  Is that safety?  Performance?  Yes to both.   Our calipers dispense with the typical overstated “Giant Red Hunk” caliper for something befitting fine European cars.  They are machined from a single piece of aluminum making them stiffer, lighter, and stronger.





Worried about bias?  Don’t.  Each kit uses a specific Monobloc 6 Piston caliper with piston diameters to ensure consistent brake bias (and hence balance and control!) for you BMW X3.


Alcon BMW X3 Rotors

Rotors:  Offered in 14” and 15” rotor versions, these massive floating rotors will provide more braking torque AND more importantly more heat capacity.  We don’t always have the luxury of one hard stop?  Shouldn’t your brakes work perfectly for the second or third stop too?   Our floating rotor design with aluminum had will lower the BMW’s unsprung weight (better for suspension performance).  Plus you’re getting Alcon’s unique crescent groove design which will set you out from the pack.



Brake Lines:  Nothing but the best for this critical system.  Goodridge stainless lines with high quality fasters are included in the kit.  No swelling, sponginess, or lack of confidence.

Pads and fluid:  We pair every kit with free high performance Motul brake fluid and Alcon’s exclusive high performance street brake pad.  Want something more?  We offer compounds up to full race temperature pads if you’re the serious sporting type.

You're getting a complete brake solution without compromises.  The only question is...Do you want people asking "WHY did you get that?" or "WHERE did you get that?!"