AlconKits is seeking Social Media Amabassadors to join our program.


Social Media Ambassadors are representatives of our brand interested in promoting our business.  This promotion includes things like social media posting (Facebook, Instagram, etc)  and/or writing both informative and/or interesting posts and articles about our products and related topics.  As part of this partnership, these ambassadors receive discounts from us - and cash back on sales they generate for


As an abassador you will get:


  • 10% Percent off list for items on our website.
  • 5% of the gross sales for anyone that purchases based on your unique link to our website.


To ensure you are properly compensated, we record any incoming visitors that used your link and any purchase made is credited to you, even if that purchase is at a later date.


Here is what we provide:

  1. A referral ID and a control panel from the website that contains your tools
  2. Pre-built kit of links, banners, and text triggers.
  3. A traffic panel to keep track of what traffic you are getting and where it is coming from (so you can see what sources are the most profitable and active)
  4. A payment panel to keep track of your earnings

We pay out once per month as long as earnings are over $50.00 via PayPal, otherwise the amount will roll over until it reaches $50.00.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions: