Porsche 911 brake specialists


"The level of control, performance and robustness the CCX kit provides on the GT3 is astonishing. Porsche brakes are arguably the best in the market for mainstream sportscars, but with CCX the best just got a whole load better… Mega!"
Mat Jackson - BTCC Driver


Alcon CCX offers Porsche drivers the ultimate in high performance braking for both road and track, taking the original OEM set up to a whole new level. CCX is a major step forward in the quest for lighter, more efficient brakes.

Carbon ceramic brakes are nothing new in the world of high performance road cars but Alcon CCX differs in that they work supremely well in all conditions. Furthermore, CCX brakes do not suffer from premature oxidation as other carbon ceramic brakes are prone to do so at elevated temperatures. Alcon’s unique design and composition ensures that wear rates for both pads and discs is actually lower than the OEM brakes.

Extensively tested over thousands of miles to ensure the braking effect adds value to the Porsche experience, the Alcon CCX upgrade for Porsche 997 GT2/3 models is now available.

With the CCX kit for the 911, Alcon set out to achieve something that had not been done before: to provide carbon ceramic brakes that are as suitable for everyday road use as they are on the race track. The CCX package is specifically designed to be fade resistant, provide excellent “bite” even when cold and improve the driver "feel".

  • 390 mm diameter front ventilated, crossed drilled carbon ceramic discs
  • 360 mm diameter rear ventilated, cross drilled carbon ceramic discs
  • Front and rear Alcon CCX-1 pads (to fit to OE calipers)
  • Lightweight aluminium floating front bells
  • Lightweight aluminium floating rear bells incorporating steel park brake drum
  • Caliper spacers to lift the OE caliper in order to accommodate the larger diameter CCX discs.