Stasis/Alcon BBK replacement parts

Today we opened up a new category for users of Stasis/Alcon BBK owners.  Based on the number of calls we receive we are starting to stock and document replacement rotor rings for the these kits so you can order them directly.

We'll still help you on the phone the best we can, but if you just want to order pads and rotor rings, check out the new Stasis/Alcon BBK replacements section.

When replacing your STaSIS(tm)/Alcon rotors, you should also replace the hardware at the same time.  Stasis had several versions of the hardware so you will need to identify which hardware you have in order to order the correct kit.  Hardware replacement is generally good practice for any brake system, street and especially track.  However, in the case of the STaSIS assemblies, the disc springs have a tendency to flatten with age.  The fine threads in the nut & bolt are often compromised upon removal due to corrosion.  See out Alcon Tech Tips section for more info.

Stop driving on the street? No really!

Stop Driving On The Street by Ross Bentley
Where do you spend the bulk of your time driving? On the street or on the track? Unfortunately, it’s on the street, right? And that's the problem with many track drivers' braking - the habits they’ve built while driving on the street.





  Photo: James Boone

When you brake to a stop at a traffic light, how do you apply the pressure? You probably squeeze the brakes, gently increasing the pedal pressure the closer you get to where you want to stop, before finally easing off just as your car stops moving.  So your brake pedal pressure starts relatively gently and then increases to its maximum near the end of the "brake zone."  That's the opposite of how you should brake on the track.





   Photo: Marcel Tauch

On the track, you want your initial braking application to be relatively hard, getting to maximum pedal pressure as quickly as possible. Then you want to maintain that pressure until you begin to release the pedal as you reach the turn-in point. So the pedal pressure goes from immediate maximum pressure to gently trailing off the pedal as you get to the end of the brake zone. 
Yep, the opposite of how you brake on the street.





  Photo: Dennis Noten

You’ve probably been given the advice to squeeze the brake pedal on, to be smooth. Hey, I wrote that in my Speed Secrets books! But in some ways I regret it.  Why? Because many drivers have taken this too literally – they’re too smooth with the initial application of the brakes. What I meant was to squeeze the brake pedal, but to do it really, really fast, ramping up to full pressure as immediately as possible. 
Applying hard initial pressure to the brake pedal can be done smoothly. But it might be a little more abrupt than you’re used to because of the way you drive on the street.  When I get to take someone for a ride around a race track – even an experienced track day driver or club racer – the comments afterward are predictable. “You’re very smooth! Well, except for when you first hit the brakes. I was surprised at how hard you braked – and how late.”
So if you want to be faster on the track, change the way you drive on the street to develop the habit of braking the right way. Sure, that might be a little harsh on your passengers, but you'll be giving them something to cheer about when they come watch you race. :)
For more of Ross' writing, along with articles by other famous and not-so-famous contributors, go to He can be reached at


AlconKits sponsored cars


Take a look at some of the NASA drivers taking advantage of the Alcon contingency offered to NASA HPDE, TT, and Wheel-to-wheel drivers.


You asked! E36 M3 brake kit from Alcon

After we announced the Alcon Contingency I got a slew of requests for an E36 M3 brake kit that would fit under 17" wheels and I promised we'd work on it.

Yesterday we finalized the specs for the kit. Details are in the brochure below. Here's the important stuff...

We will need at least 2 orders before we will produce the kit. We will build a minimum of 3 at that time. If we get 4 orders I can look into preferential pricing if you do not have enough Alcon Points accumulated. You HAVE registered for the program right?! Details here: It will take 2 weeks to complete the engineering work one we have those orders, and 8 weeks to produce the kit.

We will not charge you untill the kit ships! We just need the confirmed order online to get rolling.


New 996 GT3 Cup Floating Rotors from Alcon

Here are the new OEM replacement GT3 and GT3 Cup replacement rotors from Alcon - Unboxed!

Beautiful construction with a big unsprung weight savings.  The full floating setup will dramatically increase the life of the discs and pads because the floating rings have much more even heat distribution across the rotor face for less thermal stress.  As a result, braking improves!

Find them here at


CAR17 and CAR39 Calipers

Here are images of the newest caliper design, the CAR17 and CAR39.  The caliper came out of the Carbon-Ceramic Development Program and are some of the most advanced calipers on the market.  The second image is a limited offering as a nickel-plated caliper for those who really want their brakes to stand out!


The standard CAR 17 Caliper


The Nickel Plated CAR17



Front and Rear together:


Alcon Brakes Into Porsche 911 Territory

Porsche 911 brake specialists


"The level of control, performance and robustness the CCX kit provides on the GT3 is astonishing. Porsche brakes are arguably the best in the market for mainstream sportscars, but with CCX the best just got a whole load better… Mega!"
Mat Jackson - BTCC Driver


Alcon CCX offers Porsche drivers the ultimate in high performance braking for both road and track, taking the original OEM set up to a whole new level. CCX is a major step forward in the quest for lighter, more efficient brakes.

Carbon ceramic brakes are nothing new in the world of high performance road cars but Alcon CCX differs in that they work supremely well in all conditions. Furthermore, CCX brakes do not suffer from premature oxidation as other carbon ceramic brakes are prone to do so at elevated temperatures. Alcon’s unique design and composition ensures that wear rates for both pads and discs is actually lower than the OEM brakes.

Extensively tested over thousands of miles to ensure the braking effect adds value to the Porsche experience, the Alcon CCX upgrade for Porsche 997 GT2/3 models is now available.

With the CCX kit for the 911, Alcon set out to achieve something that had not been done before: to provide carbon ceramic brakes that are as suitable for everyday road use as they are on the race track. The CCX package is specifically designed to be fade resistant, provide excellent “bite” even when cold and improve the driver "feel".

  • 390 mm diameter front ventilated, crossed drilled carbon ceramic discs
  • 360 mm diameter rear ventilated, cross drilled carbon ceramic discs
  • Front and rear Alcon CCX-1 pads (to fit to OE calipers)
  • Lightweight aluminium floating front bells
  • Lightweight aluminium floating rear bells incorporating steel park brake drum
  • Caliper spacers to lift the OE caliper in order to accommodate the larger diameter CCX discs.

AlconKits Social Media Ambassadors Program

AlconKits is seeking Social Media Amabassadors to join our program.


Social Media Ambassadors are representatives of our brand interested in promoting our business.  This promotion includes things like social media posting (Facebook, Instagram, etc)  and/or writing both informative and/or interesting posts and articles about our products and related topics.  As part of this partnership, these ambassadors receive discounts from us - and cash back on sales they generate for


As an abassador you will get:


  • 10% Percent off list for items on our website.
  • 5% of the gross sales for anyone that purchases based on your unique link to our website.


To ensure you are properly compensated, we record any incoming visitors that used your link and any purchase made is credited to you, even if that purchase is at a later date.


Here is what we provide:

  1. A referral ID and a control panel from the website that contains your tools
  2. Pre-built kit of links, banners, and text triggers.
  3. A traffic panel to keep track of what traffic you are getting and where it is coming from (so you can see what sources are the most profitable and active)
  4. A payment panel to keep track of your earnings

We pay out once per month as long as earnings are over $50.00 via PayPal, otherwise the amount will roll over until it reaches $50.00.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions:



NASA Contingency Details

Alcon NASA Racing Contingency Program

Thank you for visiting.  While this program is no longer active - we are still happy to work wtih NASA members to provide discounts on Big Brake Kits and accessories.  Please email us at and ask us for details.

Good luck and good racing.

Your AlconKits team.

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