Electrical and Charging Systems

When you are out in the wilderness or simply traversing through hostile weather - you will want to ensure you have plenty of electrical power for devices, saftey/receover, and your vehicle of course.  Alconkits off-road provides components that are durable, lightweight, and critical to keeping you on the move.  We offer high end batteries for storage, system maintenance, chargers, and other components to ensure this happens.

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Braille B106 Lightweight AGM battery

Rating: 5/5
When space in your rig is tight or you're going for a compact build - this lightweight battery still packs a punch. ...
$ 157.94

CTEK 20A Off Grid Charger Bundle

Rating: 5/5
Keep your batteries in top condition from any source. Don't get stuck because you don't have the right source. Total...
$ 401.74

CTEK D250SE 40-315 Dual Input Solar/Alternator

Rating: Not Rated Yet
The latest release from CTEK chargers is the D250SE. This advanced system is an upgrade from previous ones, adding a...
$ 389.97

CTEK Smartpass 120S

Rating: Not Rated Yet
SMARTPASS 120S charges and supplies the service battery and equipment with 120A, separates critical equipment from...
$ 397.50

6-Watt ERV Solar Battery Maintainer

Rating: Not Rated Yet
The 6-Watt ERV SolarPulse Charging System provides a full 6-Watts of power in a longer, narrow profile 16”L x 4.93”W x...
$ 227.89

Braille Endurance Batteries, 58Lb, 1015cca, 100amp/hr,

Rating: Not Rated Yet
Braille Battery delivers everything you want in a high performance battery—lightweight design, maintenance-free...
$ 423.98