Toyota LC200 & Tacoma & Lexus LX570 2016-Present Front/Rear complete brake kit

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Alcon Armored/Off-Road Toyota LC200, Toyota Tacomoa and Lexus LX570 complete brake kit. 6 piston front and 4 piston rear calipers with 355mm x 36mm and 370mm x 28mm rotors. 45% reduced brake temperature for more reliable stops in heavy duty applications. For use up to 12,700 lbs PN BKF1559K18/BKR5059D13
  • Manufacturer: Alcon
  • SKU: BKF1559K18/BKR5059D13
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Custom powdercating finish - hundreds of colors available. See description below for details.


Alcon Armored/Off-Road Toyota LC200 and Lexus LX570 complete brake kit.  6 piston front and 4 piston rear calipers with 355mm x 36mm and 370mm x 28mm rotors.  45% reduced brake temperature for more reliable stops in heavy duty applications.  Suitable for applications up to 12,700 lbs.





- Validate caliper bracket bolts must be M14 to use this kit.

- Vehicles under 4800kg should use front kit only.


These kits were designed through extensive testing in Alcon’s military and armored program for many years and are an extremely effective and proven platform used worldwide by both NGO and official vehicles.  The basis of our newest Ford Raptor and Jeep kits was this research and knowledge. 



  • 45% reduction in brake disc temperature rise
  • 42% reduction in pad work rate for longer life and more torque
  • 10% less pedal effort
  • 10% increase in brake torque.



  • Ductile iron calipers for the best abrasion resistance.  No worries about rock and debris strikes
  • Zinc finish for maximum corrosion protection and subtle OEM look.  (Customer powdercoating is available!)
  • HIgh friction/High temp brake pads
  • Larger rotors for shorter stopping distance every time, not just the first or second stop.
  • High temperature seals
  • Fits under most 17" and 18" wheels
  • Bleed screws on the inboard side for impact protection and tamper resistance.



  • SIX piston front calipers measuring 41.3mm each
  • Front 355mm (14.0") x 36mm (1.4") rotors  internally vented
  • FOUR piston rear calipers 34.9mm ea.
  • Rear 370mm (14.5") x 28mm (1.2mm) rotors internally vented.



Wheel fitment    
18-inch Toyota Alloy 5-Spoke (42611-60A50)
17-inch Toyota Steel Pepperpot (42611-60A60)
Service Parts - Front Kit - where not listed in table above
Service Parts - Rear kit - where not listed in table above


Monday, 03 February 2020
Thanks for hooking us up. Sorted our armored LC braking easily. Appreciate it guys.
Roger Setter
Thursday, 23 January 2020
We saw these on UN vehicles all over. Now I know why. Stops way better now.
Thursday, 16 January 2020
My customer insist on Alcon here in Venezuela. Easy for us to put on his truck. Much better braking he says. These are the best.
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