Chevrolet Suburban HD Front & Rear Brake Upgrade

Included in the kit: Front & rear calipers, front & rear discs, bracket kits, pad sets



Key features and benefits

Gains in performance over stock standard duty braking system:
– Up to 10% reduction in disc temperature rise
– Up to 25% reduction in front and rear pad work rates
– Up to 7% increase in available brake torque
– Up to 7% reduction in pedal effort

Ductile iron caliper housing providing maximum strength and stiffness as well as high resistance to impact and fatigue

Acid zinc finish for maximum corrosion protection

High friction pads increase stopping power

Large rotors increase brake torque and thermal capacity, allowing the vehicle to safely operate at armoured weights and reducing potential for brake fade

Increased pad area reduces temperatures and increases pad life at armoured vehicle weights



High temperature seal material

Wiper seal on every piston for dirt exclusion

Compatible with stock OEM actuation

Fits many 18” and larger armoured specification wheels

Discrete styling

Bleed screws on in-board side only for maximum tamper-proof safety

Pad push-back springs for optimum wear resistance off-road