2018-on Dodge Ram 5500 Armored HD Brake kit

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2018 on Dodge Ram 5500 Armored Heavy Duty big brake upgrade kit for performance off-road, specialist and defense use. Supports HD and armored vehicles up to 30,800 pounds. PN BKF4659CN03
  • Manufacturer: Alcon
  • SKU: BKF4659CN03
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$ 3,392.00


  • Gains in performance over standard braking system. 
  • Increased pad area
  • Dramatic increase in brake toque
  • Reduced pedal effort



  • High temperature seal material to handle extreme heat of armored and HD vehicles
  • Dirt exclusing advances wiper seals for longevity and durability
  • Fully Compatible with stock master cylinder and lines
  • Inboard bleed screws for tamper and sabtage resistance
  • Pad push back springs for optimum wear resistance



  • Left Acid zinc finished 6 piston HD caliper
  • Right Acid zinc finished 6 piston HD caliper
  • Brackets and hardware
  • Heavy duty Alcon Armored Vehicle brake pad set





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