Landcruiser Big Brake Kits

Why Upgrade My Landcruiser Brakes?

  • If you've done performance upgrades like engine and suspension mods,  Upgrading the brakes ensues you can stop or control better.
  • Bigger/more efficient brakes can handle heat better thereby reducing brake fade.
  • Bigger rotors as well as better rotor design adds for longevity, cost savings, heat capacity and shedding, and better clamping force.
  • Alcon Heavy Duty brakes are a bolt on upgrade.  If you can change pads, you can upgrade your brakes.


Alcon brakes, an indispensable part of the Landcruiser armory


Armoured and modified vehicles present a unique challenge to a brake system, namely to provide the same or better braking performance than the OEM vehicle  upon which it is based, despite the armour or off-road equipment often adding 50 per cent to the weight of the vehicle, usually without a significant increase in wheel size to accommodate bigger brakes. These are the kind of challenges Alcon exists to meet.


Alcon brakes have been trusted to play their part in looking after UN Service vehicles, heads of state, royalty and other VIPs in limousines and SUVs around the world.   Whether it is for the peace-keeping forces of the United Nations or a single private individual, we create the best custom braking systems to look after some of the most important and highly visible people in the world.


Key features and benefits

  • Gains in performance over stock standard duty braking system:
  • Up to 45% reduction in disc temperature rise
  • Up to 42% reduction in front and rear pad work rates
  • Up to 10% increase in available brake torque
  • Up to 10% reduction in pedal effort
  • Ductile iron caliper housing providing maximum strength and stiffness as well as high resistance to impact and fatigue
  • Acid zinc finish for maximum corrosion protection
  • High friction pads increase stopping power
  • Large rotors increase brake torque and thermal capacity, allowing the vehicle to safely operate at armoured weights and reducing potential for brake fade
  • Increased pad area reduces temperatures and increases pad life at armoured vehicle weights


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  • High temperature seal material
  • Wiper seal on every piston for dirt exclusion
  • Compatible with stock OEM actuation
  • Fits many 17” & 18” OE and armoured specification wheels
  • Discrete styling
  • Bleed screws on in-board side only for maximum tamper-proof safety
  • Pad push-back springs for optimum wear resistance off-road



Looking for something a little more custom?  We can do custom powdercoating for you out of the box.  We work with the most skilled coater in the brake industry and offer hundreds of colors.  Special project?  Let us know.  We ship your kit directly to them where the calipers are disassembled and coated in your choice of colors and styles then shipped to you.  This services takes about two weeks.  Choose your own color here and simply let us know which you would like.  


What Other Areas Should I Address When Performing This Install?

THis is a great time to flush your brake fluid. It should be a clear, golden color. Brake fluid traps moisture and dirt in the system and should be replaced every two to three years minimum. Have a local shop do it if your not comfortable with the procedure as it may the ABS pump to be cycled a few times to rid itself of any old fluid.  Here are some brake bleeding tips for bleeding your Landcruiser brake kit.