Stasis BBK hardware kit 12 Bolt. ("Non Field Serviceable")

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Replacement rotor hardware kit for Stasis/Alcon semi-floating BBK. 12 slot.
  • Manufacturer: AlconKits
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Stasis/Alcon BBK hardware kit (For ONE rotor).  It is recommended to replace your hardware when installing new rotor rings on your Stasis brake kit. 12 slot discs only

Be sure to measure your existing hardware to ensure this is the right kit. This is NOT for all Stasis kits.  This was typically used in a non-field serviceable kit.

Tighten bolts to 120in/lbs.  Nuts are self-locking but we recommend a drop of red-Loctite on each.

Kit includes

  • 12 x Grade 12.9 M6 Black Oxide shoulder bolts.
  • 12 x Class 10 High Strength Flange All Metal Lock Nut
  • 18 x M16 x 8.2 x 0.9 Chrome Vandium Bell Washers

Installation instructions:

** DISCLAIMER:  Installation of the hardware and rotors is the sole responsibility of the user.  Experience with fasteners and torque values is suggested.  AlconKits is not responsible for any part installation or any failure as a result of installation.  Purchasing these items constitutes your acceptance of this liability. For help with installation please see our service partners**

Install Guides

All information contained in this article are the property of STaSIS engineering and are provided as a courtesy to AlconKits customers.  If you do not feel comfortable with these instructions we would encourage you to contact one of our service partners.  You can bring in your vehicle or send in the rotors and hardware for service.  See our lists of service providers nearest you here:  AlconKits Installers and Service Providers.

Tools Required:

  • Vice
  • In-lb Torque Wrench
  • 5/16” socket
  • 7/16” open end wrench or socket

Torque Specs for NAS Nuts: 120 in-lbs

Special Notes: Note orientation of mounting hardware in figure 1. Install Bellville washers on every other bolt, and note washer orientation as seen in figure 2.


Refer to the to the diagrams below. Note the orientation of the Belleville washers.  They are located on the Bobbin.  The Belleville washers are designed to provide spring force against the rotor to prevent rattling of the rotor and float capability.


Note the parts used for your rotor installation.

1. Insert bolts (1) into Bobbins (2)

2. Install Belleville washers (3) onto bobbins (2) as shown in figure 1.

3. Insert Bolts/Bobbin/Washer assembly into the rotor as shown in figure 2.

4. Install hardened washers (4) onto bolts on the outside of the rotor

5. Place hat over bolts.  The hardened washers may create a gap.

6. Install jet nuts onto bolts over hats and tighten loosely by hand.

7. Torque jet nuts in a star pattern to final torque.  (120-in-lbs).


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