Brake Bleeder Bottle - Magnet Hanger

Rating: 4/5
Make bleeding brakes clean and easy with the magnet mount bleeder bottles.
  • Manufacturer: Genesis
  • SKU: GA3076
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Make bleeding brakes clean and easy with the cable hung bleeder bottle. Feature no spill/no leak hose storage bung and bottom tube fluid entry. The large 16 oz. holds twice the fluid as those other bottles, which allows more flushes before having to empty.

The Magnet Mount Bottle features a 16 lb. magnet and is great for hanging the bottle in multiple locations on the vehicle and stores away easily on the side of the tool box.




Monday, 13 January 2020
Great idea but the bottle seems a little thin? Maybe make it less flexible so I don't worry about stepping on it. Still, much better than trying to hang a gatorade bottle with a piece of wire!