Endless RF 650 Brake Fluid - 1/2 liter

Rating: 3/5
EXTREMELY RELIABLE BRAKE FLUID FOR ALL APPLICATIONS. Endless RF-650 is remarkable. Even though RF-650 is a race brake fluid it can be used in all types of vehicles. Whether you drive a Formula One car, off-road truck, or a sport street vehicle, RF-650 will give you amazing reliability and feel.
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The RF-650 was developed for endurance races where extreme high temperature stability is required, bu suitable for all types of competition and even street use. The RF-650 formula boasts highly superior longevity and hydraulic properties with an extremely low hygroscopy. Endless is the official supplier of brake fluid to many high end makes.  323 celius is dry boiling point / wet is 218 degrees 




Wednesday, 15 January 2020
Kind of expensive for the quantity you get.