Here you will find replacement parts for common STaSIS BBK Big Brake kits.  Stasis used a variety of rotor sizes and offsets for most kits as well as different fasteners based on application so be sure to cross-reference your original STaSIS part numbers with our product to ensure that you get the right part.  Rotors are not returnable.

 **Alcon Kits is not affiliated with STaSIS engineering.

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Mono6 30/34/38mm Calipers for Stasis Kits - Pair

Mono6 CAR97 Complete Caliper set (pair) (30.2mm - 34.9mm - 38.1mm) pistons. New.
$ 1,990.00

Alcon Stasis 328mm x 28mm Discs (Pair)

328mm x 28mm rotor (disc) ring for Stasis Kits. PN BR01.1013.00 and BR01.1012.00
$ 1,278.18

Alcon Stasis 355mm x 32mm Discs (Pair)

355mm x 32mm rotor (disc) ring for Stasis Kits. PN BR01.1003.00 and BR01.1002.00
$ 1,198.27

Alcon Stasis 370mm x 28mm Discs (Pair)

370mm x 28mm rotor (disc) ring for Stasis Kits. PN BR01.1020.00 and BR01.1021.00
$ 1,299.99

Alcon Stasis 370mm x 32mm Discs (Pair) Turbulator Feature

370mm x 32mm rotor (disc) ring for Stasis Kits. PN BR01.1006.00 and BR01.1007.00
$ 1,199.00

Alcon Stasis 390mm x 34mm Discs (Pair)

390mm x 34mm rotor (disc) ring for Stasis Kits. Common on R8 STaSIS kits.
$ 1,399.99

Mono4 / Mono6 Bleed Screw M10x1.0

BLEED SCREW M10x1.0 P/N 03.3518-0066.1
$ 6.48

Mono4 Bridge (Crossover) Pipe (for 28mm disc system calipers)

Alcon PSC4498X680 Bridge (Crossover) Pipe
$ 54.00

Mono4 Bridge (Crossover) Pipe (for 32mm disc system calipers)

Alcon PSC4498X661 Bridge (Crossover) Pipe
$ 54.00

Mono6 Caliper Anti Rattle Clip for 32mm discs

Alcon SSA4497X623 Anti Rattle Clip
$ 23.16

Mono6 Caliper Bridge (Crossover) Pipe

Alcon PSC4497X661 Bridge (Crossover) Pipe for 32mm Disc Mono6 kits
$ 58.70

Stasis Mono4 Large Piston 41.3mm

Stasis/Alcon PSS4130X505 Large Piston 41.3mm
$ 64.68

Stasis Mono4 Small Piston 38.1mm

Stasis/Alcon PSS3830X502 Small Piston 38.1mm
$ 64.68

STaSIS Mono6 Caliper Small Piston 30.2mm

Alcon PSS3033X550 Piston 30.2mm for STaSIS Mono6 Calipers
$ 64.68

Stasis Mono6 Large Piston 38.1mm

Alcon PSS3833X550 Large Piston 38.1mm
$ 64.68

Stasis Mono6 Medium Piston 34.9mm

Stasis/Alcon PSS3533X550 Piston 34.9mm. Fits Calipers:CAR9751ZG52HR (Middle Piston) and CAR8759D11HRLT - RT (All...
$ 64.68