Rotora Brake Disc Technology


Developed with the same parameters as the Original Equipment (OE) specifications in both quality and finish, Rotora direct replacement brake discs are assured to meet and exceed all vehicle manufacturers’ specifications and tolerances under the worldwide ISO 9001 quality standards.  CNC machined and balanced for optimum performance, Rotora®’s brake discs feature special segmented slot, or drill & slot pattern which is applied to the disc’s front and back surfaces to ensure maximum heat and gas dissipation for greater stopping power and minimize warping and cracking caused by repeated, high stress, high temperature braking.  With an anti-corrosion zinc plating finish as an added protective layer to reduce corrosion and prolong disc life, Rotora®’s brake disc quality guarantees top performance and longer durability.


  • Mill balanced to eliminate disc vibrations.
  • Uniform thickness and finish of braking surface to ensure improved pad to disc fitment.
  • Precise tolerance to ensure correct run-out. 


Basic OEM Disc:  Developed with the same parameters as the original equipment in both quality and finish.  For daily driving, basic OEM disc is preferred.


Slotted Disc: Segmented slot pattern for improved pad grip and pedal feel.  Cleans away debris between pad and disc.  Minimize warpage and brake fade resistance.  Ensures maximum heat and gas dissipation.  For more severe applications (including SUVs), slotted is preferred.


Drilled & Slotted Disc: Segmented radius drill & slot pattern for improved pad grip and reduce noise.  Cleans away debris between pad and disc.  Ensures heat and gas dissipation.  For street and light track use, drilled & slotted is preferred.

Unboxing the Alcon BBK! Video from GT Channel.

The GTChannel  shows an unboxing of the Alcon-Paragon big brake kit.  THe GT Channel are automotive content creators and partners focused on building a community with resources, tools for success, and for the enjoyment of their audience, wherever they may be.


Improving Brake Feel

Improving Brake Feel



Travel loss is how much pedal movement occurs before the vehicle begins to slow.  Travel loss is measured at the connection to the vacuum booster (power assisted brakes) or the master cylinder pushrod (non-power assist). Travel loss and the associated pedal feeling consists of the following, keeping in mind that any travel loss is multiplied by the pedal ratio that is specific to your car’s braking system:


1. Precision-fit between the brake pedal pin and booster push rod. This portion of travel loss can unfortunately be quite a bit for systems that use a brake light switch that is mounted at the pedal linkage.   The reason for the large amount of travel loss with a brake light switch on the pedal is due to the allowance of a significant amount of brake pedal travel prior to activating the switch.

Feel can be improved here by reducing the loose fit at the pedal pin connecction.

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Glossary of Braking Terms

Glossary of Braking Terminology

By Stephen Ruiz and Carroll Smith

ABS: Acronym for Anti-Lock Braking system. Anti Lock braking systems sense the speed and rate of deceleration of each of the wheels of a vehicle independently and, through a microprocessor control system, act to prevent lock up of any of the tires under braking force by cycling the line pressure to the wheel that is approaching lock up. Most current passenger cars are fitted with ABS.

Aluminum Beryllium: A composite material of exceptional stiffness to weight ratio used for Formula One calipers (and Ilmor/Mercedes engine blocks) in the late 1990s. Now outlawed on health grounds

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Measuring your Rotors

Below are the key measurements for determining your Alcon rotor (disc) specs.  These are required when ordering custom rotors.

W=Width of rotor (mm)
D1 = Overall diameter of rotor (mm)
D2 = Inner diameter of braking surface
N =Number of rotor/hat mounting holes
PCD = Diameter of center-to-center of rotor-hat mounting holes.



Alcon Brake Kits

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