Alcon Superkits

BMW 335i E90-E92 Superkit

Alcon BMW M3 Superkit - Ultra High Performance


Many owners know that, under extreme conditions such as those acheivable at the track, the limits of the standard BMW brakes can be exceeded, sometimes resulting in a substantial deterioration in brake performance.




Alcon's BMW 335i E90-E92 Superkit front and rear brake package offers a range of benefits to improve your braking performance.



The superkit contains ALL components to upgrade your car.



  • 384mm x 34mm front disc and 370mm x 30mm rear disc offering significant improvements in available brake torque
  • Alcon assembly lighter than OEM assembly - resulting in reduced inertia
  • Increased thermal capacity
  • Features Alcon bespoke floating drive system
  • Utilizes Alcon's unique Turbulator casting for maximum cooling efficiency
  • Alcon crescent groove pattern allows for improved gas release, increased initial bite and improved durability
  • Rear disc assembly incorporates OEM "drum in hat" handbrake configuration.




  • Front caliper is a 6 piston monobloc machined from a single piece forging.  Rear caliper is a 4 piston monobloc which combined offers a more positive, responsive pedal as a result of improved caliper and system stiffness.
  • Increased pad area and volume offers better temperature management and improved brake efficiency
  • Piston position designed to offer most even pad wear
  • Caliper specifications designed to improve overall system efficiency while maintaining the original balance and OEM actuation.



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