Warranty information

All AlconKits (Alconkits is a website owned by MotoDelta LLC) Parts are aftermarket parts. AlconKits Parts are not OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Parts or Accessories. Therefore, they may not be used in any application that requires the use of OEM Parts or Accessories.


AlconKits Parts are sold "as is" with no warranty.


Most AlconKits parts are not sold with a warranty.


AlconKits parts are sold “as is”, “with all faults”, “as they stand” and without any express warranty whatsoever, unless otherwise expressly designated herein. To the fullest extent allowed by the state and federal law, AlconKits expressly disclaims the implied warranties of merchantability and of fitness for a particular purpose, even if a particular purpose is mentioned herein. AlconKits also expressly disclaims all liability for direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages, including but not limited to, damage or loss of property or equipment, loss of profits or revenue, cost of purchase or replacement of goods, or claims of customers of the purchaser that result from the use of any and all parts or vehicles contained in this catalog. In no event shall the liability of AlconKits, whether in tort, contract or otherwise, exceed the cost of the part or accessory. However, you may have legal rights which vary from state to state.


Should any parts contained within this catalog prove defective following their purchase, the buyer and not the manufacturer, distributor or retailer, shall assume the entire cost of all necessary servicing and/or repair. The entire risk as to the performance of such parts or vehicles is with the buyer.


No vehicle, part, or accessory in this catalog or offering is certified street legal or certified under federal motor vehicle safety standards and regulations. Vehicles that are not street legal or certified under federal motor vehicle safety standards and regulations are neither intended nor certified for use on public roads. Many of the parts in this catalog are not designed or tested for crashworthiness or to meet the safety needs of the motoring public. Instead, these parts are designed and intended for race vehicles on race tracks with engineers supervising the installation and use of the race parts to ensure that the safety needs of the race driver are met. The racing parts could conceivably be combined in an infinite combination, and the use of some parts on some vehicles could adversely affect the performance of the vehicle or other race parts.

To the extent that a part contained within this catalog comes with a warranty from the original manufacturer, not AlconKits or MotoDelta, the buyer should contact the original manufacturer for any and all warranty repair or replacement. To determine which parts come with a warranty from the original manufacturer, not AlconKits, please contact the AlconKits at (630) 360-AKIT or sales@AlconKits.com.