Caliper "Wide Band" Temp Indicator Strips

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"Wide Range" temp strip Kit Consists of 10 Temp Indicator Strips with a temperature range of 250F to 536F
  • Manufacturer: Genesis
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These "wide band" temp strips cover a range that most styles require 3 strips to acheive.   The brake caliper temperature indicator strip is applied directly to the brake caliper to indicate the maximum temperature the caliper has achieved during use, It is essential that the caliper temperature is kept well within the working range of the brake fluid to prevent fluid vaporisation which will result in the loss of brake pedal.

  • Up to 340ºF - Too Cool
  • 350ºF-400ºF - Ideal
  • 400ºF-450ºF - OK
  • 475ºF plus - Too Hot


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