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Why ALCON Kits?

Experience - Expertise - Support

Lots of people sell Alcon brakes, why buy from AlconKits?

We have 20 years of experience with Alcon.  We exclusively offer Alcon brakes and related items, ensuring unparalleled experience, expertise and support. If you're serious about brakes, AlconKits is your go-to destination for brake systems. 

Our team are Alcon and brake product experts who provide personalized assistance tailored to your needs. We have a proven track record of equipping various vehicles worldwide, including consumer trucks, military service vehicles, and more.

When you choose AlconKits, you're investing in reliability and safety. Our focus on brake operating parameters ensures you receive top-notch performance tailored to your vehicle's specific requirements. Trust us to deliver results that keep you moving forward safely and confidently.

What if its a little cheaper somewhere else.

There are a lot of vendors who will sell you a brake system out of their catalog of available parts from a distributor.  The fact is when they list 20,000 items in your catalog their knowledge of them will be limited to what is in the description.

We sell Alcon brakes and related items.  Period.  Since 2005 we have been supporting, installing, and learning about them continuously, nearly 20 years.  So when you have technical questions, need advice, need spares, or want to talk about the best direction to go, you need someone who knows these systems. 

The people that answer the phone aren't "customer service agents."  They are Alcon and brake product experts.

Our customers can be found in the deserts of Africa, the hard roads of South America, the wilds of the western US, and everywhere else.   You'll find them competing in professional events on racetracks world-wide.

They trust the Alcon brand and AlconKits knowledge for the most important mechanical system on their vehicle.  A dropship vendor isn't going to help you determine your brake temperature operating range and select the perfect brake pad compound for your specific vehicle.  We will.

People come back to because we deliver results.  We have equipped these brakes on armored vehicles, consumer trucks, military service vehicles, and may other applications.  They have been proven to work for decades. 

You’ll find them on many private and government service vehicles around the world.  Customers like this don’t come back because they want shiny red brakes. They come back to us because we have proven we can get them to where they are going safely.

Where are the Performance Specs?

Alcon will calculate the performance factors of each brake system sold.  You will see the stats on the product page of many.  We document the operating parameters of the brake system improvements.  That includes factors like:

  1. Reduction in disc temperature rise
  2. Reduction in pad work rate
  3. Increase in available brake torque
  4. Reduction in pedal effort

Those statistics refer to the improvement in the operating parameters of the brakes themselves.

So why not time/distance figures?.  These numbers are going to vary for every person and vehicle.  Surface grip, weight of the vehicles, skill of the driver, tire compound and age, etc.. Often these benefits become even more apparent when the OE system would be completely heat soaked - its stopping distance continues to get greater whereas with Alcon - it stays the same.

Sure we could publish some time and distance numbers but given the variety of factors - they would be estimates.  The stock vehicle off the dealer lot on well manicured roads will see a different performance improvement than an overloaded armored truck hurtling down a mountainous dirt road.