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Custom Finish Process and Options

Custom Finish Process and Options

Looking for something extra special?  We will custom Powdercoat or Cerakote your calipers in any color you choose. You can do this with a new kit or we can refurbish your existing brakes.

Here's the process:

  • Your calipers are transferred to our customization shop, cleaned and disassembled completely.  We do not bake with any seals in place to avoid damage.
  • Each caliper is then out-gassed to ensure no bubbles form during the curing or baking process
  • Calipers are prepped, then primed then baked to solidify the finish and provide the best adhesion and durability
  • We then apply color coats as needed for the perfect finish.
  • Calipers are then reassembled by professional brake technician and tested before they are shipped back to you.We can also hand finish the calipers logo in a contrasting color *white or black recommended* to really make them pop.


This service takes approximately 2 weeks to complete.

For very durable finish we also offer Cerakote Ceramic finishes.  Cerakote has 50 colors available.  We use the C-Series for the most flexible application.  Browse available finishes here.  When you're ready to go, just tell us which one you want.

If you want this option visit and choose your color.  Note the color code for us.  We recommend solid, textured, or metallics.  (transluscent does not represent well) with over 6500 color variations available.

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