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Pagid Brakes FAQ

Pagid Brakes FAQ

Is Pagid a good brake pad brand?
When it comes to matching our OE quality brake pads, Pagid brake pads are the number one choice. Made in Germany, a main feature of Pagid brake pads is their dual retention system eliminating the chance of pad delamination and rotor damage.
Who makes Pagid brake pads?
TMD Performance GmbH (Germany) PAGID Racing developed the first brake pad for patented carbon ceramic brake discs for high-performance production cars.
Who uses Pagid brakes?
 In 2000, Pagid had already introduced the first ceramic brakes in the market, and in the following years, Pagid has been chosen by almost every prestige marque including; Aston Martin, Mercedes McLaren, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi R8, Bentley, Porsche Cayenne, and BMW.
What are Pagid brake pads made of?
PAGID racing compounds are complex formulations with very high content of ceramic materials. All Pagid materials are asbestos free. The difference to competitor's 'metallic' compounds is the superior thermal insulation and the higher heat resistance of ceramic compared to iron.
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