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Ford F-150 (2021+) Front Big Brake Kit

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Alcon's new Ford F-150 Big Brake kit has been released. A direct conversion from our military/NGO brake systems this kit offers substantial improvements from stock brake performance. Towing? Racing? Looking for more? This is the kit to get! (Not compatible with Gen3 Raptor)



Alcon introduces the Ford F-150 Front Heavy Duty Brake Kit. This kit represents a substantial upgrade in braking performance and includes features not found in any other kit. HIgh temperature seals as used in motorsports applications, dust seals for performance in the worst conditions, and a low profile designed to fit under your OEM wheels. These kits include everything you need including calipers, adapters, spacers, hardware, and performance brake pads! The kit is compatible with your stock master cylinder.


Use our downloadable templates below to check against your OEM wheels. Our brake kit is designed work under OEM and beadlock wheels. If you've gone to big tires and big suspension, you'll want this kit. Check your fit.


Best yet - all kits and service items are stocked in the USA for the fastest service. Next day delivery on all components is available when you're in a hurry.



Key features and benefits

Gains in performance over stock braking system:

  • 10% reduction in disc temperature rise
  • 33% reduction in pad work rate
  • Up to 15% reduction in pedal effort


  • High temperature seal material as used in highest levels of motorsport
  • Wiper seal on every piston for dirt exclusion
  • Ductile Iron caliper housing providing maximum strength and stiffness as well as high resistance to impact and fatigue
  • Epoxy acrylic paint over acid zinc finish for maximum corrosion protection
  • High friction pads increase stopping power
  • Larger rotors increase brake torque and thermal capacity, reducing potential for brake fade
  • Increased pad area reduces temperatures and increases pad life

This kit is fits all models of 2021+ F150 except the Gen 3 Raptor (kit coming soon)

Spare Parts

  • Left Caliper CIR1559BE07HZLT-RL Right Caliper CIR1559BE07HZRT-LL
  • Pads PNS4415X504 (4)
  • Pad Retainer Kit PKR4451X540KS (2)
  • Left Rotor DIV3430X986C24L Right Rotor DIV3430X986C24R
  • Bracket Kit BSK4415X618 (2)
  • Wheel Spacer SSW0080X1243 (2)



Worried about additional weight?

We frequently get questions about the weight of our off-road brake systems compared to stock and aluminum systems. The fact is that this aspect of the brake system is important, but not really a significant factor.

Looking at it two ways:

Power loss due to extra rotating weight is very small compared to the additional rotating mass if you have moved to 37" tires or heavy duty wheels. . The rotors are very near the rotation center of the wheel and will have a negligible impact, especially compared to the tires. A general rule of thumb we use in the racing world is that you lose about 1 HP per 7lbs. That means in order to lose 100HP you would have had to add 700 pounds of weight. Our total shipping weight is 140# including boxes, pads, material, etc.. If that’s even double the factory weight – it means you would have added 70#, losing about 10HP. That’s 2% of a modded Raptor power. The extra benefit of braking better and sooner adds 20% plus to your overall performance so your 0-60-0MPH times is dramatically better.

Where it DOES have a measurable impact is in the amount of energy the shock absorbers have to work with as they go over bumps. However what we found time and time again, and confirmed race engineers from a several pro racing teams (LeMans, Daytona, Grand-Am, etc) is that it is always better to have power, braking, and reliability even at the expense of some extra unsprung/rotating weight, because a good suspension can be tuned to work with that extra weight.

In the "old-days" when brakes and shock dampers were more rudimentary the additional weight was a very significant concern in these areas. …but in todays era of tunable suspension, shock dynos, shaker rigs, etc.. the weight of the discs is not really a factor that needs to be fretted over, it is simply accommodated.

All we do at Alconkits is brakes, all of the time. Browse some of the technical articles on our website and I think you will see its all we think about..

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