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Toyota LC300 & Tundra 2021+ (XK70) Front Big Brake Kit

SKU BKF1559K68
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$4,100.00 - $4,500.00
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Platform: LC300
Rotor Diameter: 355mm (14.0") with 17" Wheel

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Alcon Armored/Off-Road Toyota LC300 and 21+ Toyota Tundra 6 piston front calipers with 355mm or 365mm x 36mm rotors to accommodate for 17" or 18" wheels.(Specify below).  This is for the XK70 Chassis.

***Does NOT fit with aftermarket spindles, Camburg, etc.. ***

45% reduced brake temperature for more reliable stops in heavy duty applications. For use up to 12,700 lbs. Enhance your driving experience with the new Toyota LC300 & Tundra 2021+ Front Big Brake Kit! Similar to the well-proven LC200 kit, this new upgrade is specifically designed for the latest vehicle dynamics and advanced technology. By installing this kit, you'll enjoy increased brake torque, reduced fade , longer service intervals, and lower costs in the long run. Trust Alcon's engineering expertise for the ultimate braking solution.

Tundra 17" Wheels kit P/N BKF1559K82
Tundra 18" Wheel kit P/N BKF1559K81
LC300 17" Wheel kit P/N BKF1559K68
LC300 18" Wheel kit P/N BKF1559K69

Looking for a custom color to compliment your truck?

Calipers come zinc plated from the factory. Pur expert customization shop will get you *exactly* the color and finish you want. (Custom colors add 2-3 weeks for the work). Calipers are stripped, outgassed, coated to your specified color (we will consult with you on the color you want) and sent to you.


  • 45% reduction in brake disc temperature rise
  • 42% reduction in pad work rate for longer life and more torque
  • 10% less pedal effort
  • 10% increase in brake torque.


  • Ductile iron calipers for the best abrasion resistance. No worries about rock and debris strikes
  • Zinc finish for maximum corrosion protection and subtle OEM look.
  • (Custom powdercoating is available!)
  • High friction/High temp brake pads
  • Larger rotors for shorter stopping every time, not just the first or second stop.
  • High temperature seals
  • Fits under most 17" and 18" wheels
  • Bleed screws on the inboard side for impact protection and tamper resistance.


  • SIX piston front calipers measuring 41.3mm each
  • Front 355mm (14.0") x 36mm (1.4") rotors internally vented for 17" wheels
  • Front 365mm (14.5") x 36mm (1.4") rotors internally vented for 18" wheels

Press Releases:

The announcement follows Alcon’s new product launch of the LC300 and Tundra kits in September 2021. Since then, they have received orders from a number of the world’s premier vehicle armorers who are all developing their own LC300 armored variant designs. As well as multiple un-named clients,

Launched by Toyota in June 2021, the new 300 series Toyota Land Cruiser has already been taking the market by storm and is expected to follow in the footsteps of its 78/79 and 200 series predecessors, becoming the vehicle of choice for armored defense, security and NGO use, globally. All of the major vehicle armoring companies now have an LC300 armoring development program in place to design and certify their protection systems. Alcon are able to offer a ready-made solution for the essential brake upgrade required to accompany the weight-adding armored modifications, where the stock braking system will become challenged, affecting performance but more importantly, safety.

Alcon’s new LC300 kit is similar to the already well-proven LC200 kit but adapted to fit the new vehicle and engineered to match the new vehicle dynamics and the increased levels of technology and complexity present in the new Toyota base vehicle design. Fitting the brake upgrade kit will increase available brake torque, reduce brake fade and fluid vaporization, extend brake service intervals and reduce through life costs.

Jonathan Edwards, Group Sales Director at Alcon said: “We’re very pleased to announce the dispatch of these new brake upgrade kits today that will be a welcome addition for the entire armored vehicle market, that is currently developing and certifying their new armored Toyota LC300 designs”.

He added: “The team have developed multiple off the shelf solutions to meet the requirements of OEMs and vehicle modification companies and this new LC300 kit adds to that story. Our partners and agents are already working hard to supply our class-leading kits to the global armored vehicle markets and getting this first batch out of the door is a major milestone”.

Jonathan Simmonds, CEO of MSW Auto Spare Parts said: “As Alcon’s premier defense and security sector agent, we see the LC300 kits building on the enormous success of the LC200 predecessor kits and have therefore placed a significant first order with Alcon. Together with MSW’s market leading heavy duty wheel rims and assemblies, the Alcon brake upgrade significantly increases capability but more importantly, safety as the increased weight of the armor systems changes the vehicle dynamics”.

He added: “we have supplied Alcon brake kits to all of the Middle Eastern based vehicle armoring companies for well over 10 years and this new Alcon LC300 kit will continue to deliver the quality and performance they need and expect”.

What is the Alcon LC300/Tundra Big Brake Kit?

The Alcon LC300 Big Brake Kit is a high-performance brake system that replaces your stock brakes with larger and more powerful components. The kit includes:

- 6-piston front calipers
- 14-14.5" front rotors
- High-performance armored vehicle brake pads
- All necessary hardware and brackets

The Alcon LC300/Tundra Big Brake Kit is a direct bolt-on installation that requires no modifications to your vehicle. The kit is compatible with your stock wheels and tires, as well as most aftermarket options.

What are the benefits?

The Alcon LC300/Tundra Big Brake Kit offers several benefits over your stock brakes and other big brake kits on the market, such as:

- Improved stopping power: The larger calipers and rotors provide more clamping force and heat dissipation, allowing you to stop faster and more consistently.
- Reduced brake fade: The high-performance brake pads and stainless steel braided brake lines resist fading under high temperatures and pressures, ensuring optimal braking performance even under extreme conditions.
- Enhanced durability: The monobloc calipers and rotors are made of high-quality materials that resist corrosion

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(4) Alcon delivers first batch of armored Toyota LC300 brake upgrade kits .... Accessed 3/24/2023.

- Increased compatibility: The Alcon LC300 Big Brake Kit is designed to fit the new Toyota Land Cruiser 300, which has different vehicle dynamics and technology than the previous models. The kit is also compatible with most armored modifications, making it ideal for defense, security and NGO use.

- Reduced maintenance costs: The Alcon LC300 Big Brake Kit has longer service intervals and lower wear rates than the stock brakes and other big brake kits, saving you time and money in the long run.

SKU: BKF1559K68

Customer Reviews

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Mike Cassien
Such good brakes for my Tundra

Bought the front and rear kit after we did a lot of add-ons for my Tundra - what a difference stopping now. I'm not scared on the highway when we're loaded up for a trip with all the gear, roof tent, etc... Everyone should do this upgrade - and sooner than you think!

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