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Press Release - Alconkits now carrying Pagid Street+ Brake Pad line

Press Release - Alconkits now carrying Pagid Street+ Brake Pad line

Introducing STREET+ by PAGID Racing Brake Pads: Unleashing Motorsport Expertise for Optimal Street Performance

Explore the latest innovation from PAGID Racing – the STREET+ brake pads, a breakthrough in street car braking technology. Drawing upon over three decades of motorsport expertise, these brake pads seamlessly blend high-performance characteristics with eco-friendly considerations. Crafted with a Cu-free* compound, they meet global street and environmental standards while delivering unparalleled performance and safety.

PAGID Racing unveils the STREET+ brake pads, a high-performance solution for street cars born from years of motorsport experience. This Cu-free* brake pad, homologated for street use, redefines performance and safety standards. Compatible with a wide range of street cars, the STREET+ by PAGID Racing brake pads are now available through the extensive PAGID Racing dealer network.

STREET+ by PAGID Racing channels the motorsport DNA of PAGID Racing, offering outstanding performance for street use. Experience an exceptional brake pedal feel akin to motorsport, consistent performance even in elevated temperature conditions, and superior fade resistance. Enjoy additional advantages such as anti-noise shims and minimal brake dust development during braking. Throughout the development, special attention was given to the Cu-free* composition of the friction material.

Bringing motorsport technology to the streets also means prioritizing maximum safety. The innovative mechanical retention system, proven in motorsport, is a key feature of STREET+ by PAGID Racing brake pads. A roughened surface on the friction material ensures optimal bonding with the backplate, even under the most demanding conditions.

Jürgen Voigt, Senior Sales Manager OE Motorsport, expresses excitement, stating, “STREET+ by PAGID Racing marks a new milestone in PAGID Racing’s history. The Cu-free* brake pads, approved for street cars, provide maximum performance and safety at the highest level. We are delighted that STREET+ by PAGID Racing is now part of our product portfolio.”

Xabier Ugarte, Chief Engineer PAGID Racing, reflects on the development, saying, “With STREET+ by PAGID Racing, we leveraged our comprehensive know-how from motorsport. Creating a high-performance product that meets the global requirements of diverse markets was a particular challenge, and we have achieved this with the STREET+ by PAGID Racing brake pads.”

  • Contains less than 0.5 percent copper by weight.
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