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Bobbin Installation Instructions

Bobbin Installation Instructions

Read these instructions completely before assembly. Installation and assembly of any brake component should only be performed by qualified professionals or with experience in the installation and assembly process of automotive components. These components will not function as intended if not installed or assembled properly to the correct specifications. It is the responsibility of the person installing or assembling any brake component to determine the suitability, and safety of the component.

Generally speaking brake hardware is not reusable due to corrosion, stress, and the ability of the locking components to work once un-installed. Discard used bolts, locknuts, and washers. Inspect remaining hardware for wear. Bobbins and McLaren spring clips may generally be re-used more than once if there is no visible wear.

Bobbin Types and Instructions


T-Bobbin Style.  Click Image for install Instructions

T-Bobbin Image

 Solid Mount Style.  Click Image for Instructions


H-Bobbin Style.  Click Image for Instructions.

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