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Alcon Truck Brakes vs. Wilwood, R1, Stoptech, etc..

Alcon Truck Brakes vs. Wilwood, R1, Stoptech, etc..

Are you trying to decide which Raptor, F150, or Jeep big brake kit to buy.  Below are some comparison options that you may find useful.  We captured the most common questions from customers as well as those features they said they wanted most and compared the popular kits out there.  Alcon certainly stands out as  a clear winner in all categories.



Feature Alcon Raptor Brake Upgrade Brembo GT with Adaptors Wilwood Raptor Kit Ceika/R1 Concepts/other Chinese mfg Notes
Model Specific Instructions Y N N N Alcon provides Raptor and F-150 specific installation instructions so you can "do it yourself" in one weekend and save the $800 shop installation fees.  Installable by the average mechanic with basic tools, when using our DIY Installation kit.  While others are okay with generic instructions - we walk you through how to install on your truck.
Model Specific Design Y N N N Alcon calipers were designed specifically for your Raptor/F-150 instead of using an off-the shelf caliper.  While this may be fine for a "grocery getter" this is your truck.  A 5500# truck does not have the same caliper needs as the family import.
Fits without Shimming Y O N O While a "universal fit" may be okay for some, Alcon believes that an exact fit is mandatory for performance, longevity, and maintenance.
Fits under 17" wheels Y N N O Big brakes should not need a bigger wheel.  The Alcon Raptor Big Brake Kit was designed to work with the 17" factory wheels.  No need to spend more money, time, and research on finding an aftermarket wheel that might work.
High Strength Iron Alloy caliper Y N N N Your truck is designed to work in extreme conditions requiring a robust caliper that will keep up. Whether you're forging streams through snow covered back roads to desert off road racing in Baja Mexico.  Alcon Iron Alloy Calipers will work wherever and whenever you place a demand on them without fail.  The high strength and rigid nature of Alcon Calipers ensures you have long even brake pad wear, saving you money on maintenance.  
Heavy Duty Rotor Centers Y N N N With dirt, dust, deep water and snow likely to find it’s way to your brakes, you want to make sure failure is not an option.  Our Heavy Duty Rotor centers allow for massive temperature ranges to ensure stable and consistent brakes, no matter what weekend challenge you can through at it.  We've paired the high strength calipers wtih an even more durable rotor.
Parts Stocked in USA Y O Y N We made it a priority to have parts in stock and available to you in the USA.  No delays when you need supplies, pads, or wear items?  Got a problem?  We got you.
Desert Tested by Mfg Y O O N Ford made a truck that performed well in all environments and Alcon Big Brakes were designed with the same ideals.  One area they focused on, was racing in Baja due to it’s extreme conditions and demand for performance not found in the lab. To ensure Alcon was lockstep with all the same stringent requirements and extreme conditions, Alcon Big Brakes were tested in the deserts of Southern California.  They were put through the paces and designed specifically to work in remote locations.
Military Grade Experience Y N Y N From armored SUV''s to MOD-spec military combat vehicles, Alcon has been building heavy duty brakes for a long time.  When lives are on the line, the choice for many military applications has always been Alcon.  
Pro Desert and Off-Road Y Y Y N You'll find Alcon on professional off-road vehicles everywhere.  From Trophy Trucks to World Rally cars - shouldn't you get the same quality, precision, and durability the professionals do?  We think so.


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