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Alcon vs. the rest



Why Alcon vs. "Those other guys?"

We get this question a lot.  "Why would I buy an Alcon brake kit vs. Brand X.  They offer 6 piston big brake kits too."  Yes... ...and you can drive a Minivan or a Porsche to work as well.  Only one will put a smile on your face.  So here is why Alcon!

True heat tempered brake discs from Alcon are the absolute best you can buy bar none.

While other companies will forge and machine a disc, very few use the extensive heat tempering process POST machining to relieve the internal stresses on the brake rotor that Alcon does.  Alcon heat treats their rotors for 24 hours after creation. This gives the rotors much more durability over time and longevity.  Our experience with Alcon rotors in the AlconKits GT3 Cup car last nearly 3 times longer over other rotor systems.

This translates into false savings by using cheaper rotors.  Saving 25% on a rotor that you have to replace 3x as often will cost much more money over even a few years.

 Alcon's solid monobloc calipers offer much more stiffness than any other caliper.    Solid caliper construction - Many calipers are limited simply by the fact that design engineers use Finite Element Analysis to determine caliper shape.  This is a manual process used to "Just try this and see what happens" to determine optimal shape and stiffness.  Alcon uses  OSCA which is an automatic set of structural optimization tools to assess all components of the caliper to determine the most optimal shape.   

The solid bridge design does not compromise stiffness for convenience.  Removable "bar" style bridges have a narrow contact point and do very little to add to the stiffness of a caliper.  They simply hold the pads from coming out.  Alcon uses a solid bridge across the caliper that increases the overall caliper stiffness tremendously.

Material usage on the Alcon kits is superior in many ways.  From the selection of the raw material to those used in the various components.  As one example, the Alcon brake caliper brackets are made of high quality steel vs. aluminum.  

We have seen a significant number of failures in the competitors aluminum brackets due to stress, design compromise, and galling of the material.  




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