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Corvette C5 and C6 Pro Touring Brake System Announced!

Corvette C5 and C6 Pro Touring Brake System Announced!


Pro-Touring Brake System


Designed for Z06 wheel fitment for Corvettes on Road Course, AutoCross, Time Attack, and Speed Stop competition.  Optimized for stopping power with the stock master cylinder.  Six Piston front calipers  with 14" x 1.25" rotors and Four Piston rear calipers with 13.5" x 1.25" rear rotors.  Full floating system.



  • 6 piston front forged aluminum calipers designed by Alcon's exactin standards for ultimate stiffness and weight reduction
  • 14.0" x 1.25" front rotors - dyno bedded for immediate use
  • 4 piston rear forged aluminum calipers perfectly calibrated for the correct front/rear bias.
  • 13.6" x 1.25" rearrotors - dyno bedded for immediate use
  • Precision machined aluminum hats for the lowest unspring weight possible
  • Retains stock parking brake (parking brake is not suitable for emergency braking)
  • High temperature seals for long life


What features should you expect?

  • Compatibility with Z06 wheel fitment or quality aftermarket wheels like Forgeline
  • Stainless Steel pistons optimized for proper brake bias and stock master cylinder volumes, booster, and ABS needs
  • Staggered piston configuration reducing pad taper, chatter, and extending life
  • Quick change pads for easier enduro swaps and maintenance


The kit includes ALL components needed including floating rotors with spring dampeners, calipers, high temp brake pads, all hardware and stainless steeel lines.


Installation Notes:

  • Requires Z06 rear wheels on front to fit or quality aftermarket wheels.  Contact us for fitment templates
  • Suggested pad is provided to reduce "ice-pedal" issue in the system or installation of Bosch ABS components
  • Parking brake only to be used while stopped.  Drifting/Rally use of rear brake for rotation is NOT recommended.
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