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Ford SVT Raptor Heavy Duty Brakes announced.

Ford SVT Raptor Heavy Duty Brakes announced.


So if you're pushing the performance limits of your truck (or planning to) then you probably know that the factory brakes need a little help once they really start to heat up.  The engineering team at Addictive Desert Designs and leader in brake technology Alcon got together to design a new kit for the Ford F150 and Ford Raptor trucks. ...and they planned it out perfectly.   There were a few key factors that were important in the design consideration:

  1. Unlike other Raptor kits, it needed to fit under the stock wheels.
  2. Thermal mass must be increased to handle continual heat and abuse
  3. It had to be strong enough to withstand impacts from off-road debris while still looking good.
  4. It needed to be priced right.

So check this out

Alcon has always used motorsports parts in the kits they offer to the consumer.  They don't make "special materials" that the consumer can't buy.  So what are you getting?

  • Massive 6 Piston Ductile Iron Calipers
  • Heavy Duty high thermal mass 13.8" x 1.4" thick rotors.
  • Super-stiff mounting brackets
  • and brake pads proven by Military application.

Addictive Desert Designs recently took one of these new kits down to Baja and ran the Trail of Missions trip with Cameron Steel and the Desert Assassins. This trip was 1600 miles of grueling Baja Mexico through every type of terrain you can imagine including 100 MPH runs down some of the remote dirt roads. The Alcon brake kit performed flawless on the trip proving out the durability of the kit and the final step in the testing process making them ready for you to install today. They have challenged anyone to find any other brake upgrade kit for these trucks that have seen the engineering and testing that this kit has had.


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