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Leaked photo! Alcon Pro-Series Honda, Subaru, Audi brake kits

Leaked photo! Alcon Pro-Series Honda, Subaru, Audi brake kits

We caught wind of a new series of brake systems being offered for some classic sports-car platforms that should be ready by summer.  Honda S2000 owners has been left without real pro-braking level options for some time. 

Studying the photo (we should get a better look soon!) these brake systems will use Alcon's well proven CRB or B-Type caliper that has an extensive range of available brake pads both Alcon performance and aftermarket brands like Hawk and Pagid.

These will use a two-piece rotor design for ease of maintenance and light weight with Pro-Systems curved slots and, best yet, pre-bedded rotors so there are no concerns with pad-deposition and shudder issues.  These aren't just some consumer grade rotor, these are made in Alcon's facility and are the same rotor design and material that go into all professional motorsports cars including Grand-Am, GT, and Prototype cars. The appear to be the 72 vane version for better cooling and strength.

Pads and stainless lines also appear to be included.

Very exciting.  We also expect there will be subsequent releases for the Audi MQB plaform, Subaru (WRX and BRZ), and possibly even a Miata upgrade.



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