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Stasis/Alcon BBK replacement parts

Today we opened up a new category for users of Stasis/Alcon BBK owners.  Based on the number of calls we receive we are starting to stock and document replacement rotor rings for the these kits so you can order them directly.

We'll still help you on the phone the best we can, but if you just want to order pads and rotor rings, check out the new section.

When replacing your stasis/Alcon rotors you should also replace the hardware at the same time.  Stasis had several versions of the hardware so you will need to identify which hardware you have in order to order the correct kit.  Hardware replacement is generally good practice for any brake system, street and especially track.  However, in the case of the STaSIS assemblies, the disc springs have a tendency to flatten with age.  The fine threads in the nut & bolt are often compromised upon removal due to corrosion. 

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