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Finding the Right Brake Pad

Finding the Right Brake Pad

You need new brake pads for your Alcon caliper, but which ones?  The brake pad you need depends on which caliper you have.  This guide will help.  There are several ways to find out.

Easiest Method:  Use the Year/Make/Model lookup on the Brake Pads for Alcon Calipers page.  If your caliper application is specific to your vehicle, the brake pad will be here.  Use the filters to show the brake pads compatible with your caliper.

Next Method: If no pads showed up that way, you will need to find the calipers part number.  On the caliper there will be a part number sticker or it will be engraved or cast into the caliper itself.

Most calipers have a white sticker on the face as shown below. This will have the caliper part number.  Alternatively you can often find the caliper type cast into the back of the caliper as shown in the next image. 

It will start with something like CAR97, or CIR15, or CRB30.  Those are the caliper type.  Use that to filter brake pads by Caliper Type.

Alcon Caliper Part Number

The most common types are:

B-Type - CAR36, CRB,
Superkit - CAR89
Heavy Duty - CIR15, CIR50
Mono 4 - CAR98
Mono 6 - CAR97
P-Type - CAR73


Email us a few photos and we can help you ID the right pad.  ...or use the contact us page above - or the assistance button on the right.

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