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Custom Rotor Specifications

To request a quote for a custom rotor, please provide all information below in an email.  Custom Rotors will be made to exact specifications and once ordered are not returnable.


  1. Outside Diameter "A" (mm)
  2. Thickness "B" (mm)
  3. P.C.D. "M" (mm)
  4. Number of Hat Mounting Holes (8, 10, 12)
  5. Size of Mounting:  (ex 6.5mm Round, 8 x 12mm oval)
  6. Internal Diameter "C": (mm)
  7. Inside Flange Diameter "D": (mm)
  8. Mtg. Flange Thickness "H": (mm)
  9. Type of Flange Face: (ex Step Up +0.1mm)
  10. Air gap (mm) Note: may not always be configurable.