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Up to $600 rebate on brake kits through December
Up to $600 rebate on brake kits through December

Alcon Stasis 370mm x 32mm Discs (Pair) Turbulator Feature

by Alcon
SKU: DIV2202X602C48L/R

Original price $1,270.94 - Original price $1,270.94
Original price
$1,270.94 - $1,270.94
Current price $1,270.94
370mm x 32mm rotor (disc) ring for Stasis Kits. PN BR01.1006.00 and BR01.1007.00

** NOTE *** These items are NOT returnable. Please contact us if you have any questions before ordering.

These discs are direct replacements for your Stasis/Alcon BBK. They will bolt on and are directional so you must order a Left and a Right. We also suggest replacing your brake pads and hardware when buying new rings. Replacing the pads at this times guarantees better rotor life and better break-in than using old pads.

Often used with Stasis front BBK for:

  • Audi A4/S4/A5/S5/Q5 B8
  • Audi A6/A7 C7
  • Other applications. We can help you identify your rotor.

There were TWO versions of this rotor size. Please verify which one you are ordering.

This product is the Turbulator DIV2202X602C48 - 19mm Air Gap - 6.5mm - 7mm surface thickness and was used on almost all Stasis 370mm x 32mm kits.

If you have the Non-Turbulator DIV2175X535C48 - 14mm Air Gap - 9mm surface thickness go back and select that rotor. (Rarely used on Stasis kits)

Advantage Extreme discs have been engineered to produce optimum bite, thermal stability and durability in an exceptionally high strength to low weight design. This hasbeen achieved by combining a special Alcon developed iron alloy disc with an aerospace specification alloy bell.

Other Alcon disc benefits include:

  • Unique crescent grooves on friction faces provide the bite usually associated with drilled discs without the attendant durability problems.
  • Directionally curved cooling vanes for optimum cooling performance
  • Alcon's floating disc system (as used in the majority of applications) has been designed to allow thermal expansion of the disc throughout it's life while minimizing the tendency to shudder.

This part is the Disc ONLY.

Need help installing? See our installation guide here. STaSIS rotor replacement guide.

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Customer review

Thanks for having these. I thought I was going to have to sell my Stasis kit. Glad I found you. Easy fit and the new hardware looks awesome too.

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