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Braille B106 Lightweight AGM battery

by Braille
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When space in your rig is tight or you're going for a compact build - this lightweight battery still packs a punch. Less than 7 pounds! 5.8" x 3.4" x 4.2" with 527 Pulse amps it can run at 10 Amp-Hours


At under 7 pounds, the B106 is the lightest AGM battery yet. Using our advanced technology Braille has put a lot of power into a very small package. With 510 pulse cranking amps this has enough power to start more than any other battery in its weight class and most commonly used in powersports/motorcycle applications. (Note: while high in cranking amps, make sure battery has enough capacity for the vehicle intended to be used in)

Direct Replacement For:


Physical Specs:

BCI Group 9 Width 3.4" / 86mm
Weight 6.9lbs / 3.1kg Height 4.2" / 107mm
Length 5.8" / 147mm Polarity Left Side Positive

Performance Specs:

Voltage 12 Full Voltage Charge 13.2
Pulse Cranking Amps (PCA) 527 Amp Hour (AH) 10
Reverse Capacity (RC) > 20 min. Life Cycle (10%DOD) 2000


Braille Battery is an American Company based in Sarasota, Florida that is the world leader in ultra lightweight Lithium-Ion high performance batteries and also distributes and sells the highest performing lightweight AGM battery line for performance street, hot rod, Import Tuner & race vehicles (highest cranking amps pound for pound) and the world’s first and only AGM carbon fiber race battery. Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) mount included for ease of installation. All Braille batteries feature an industry leading energy-to-weight ratio accomplished via Enhanced Mat Technology (for more surface area on the lead plates) combined with calcium full frame power path grids (for increased cranking power). Durability is also built into every Braille battery. Using high-density oxide, Braille batteries offer true deep-cycling ability over the life of the battery. Heavy-duty vibration resistant power posts resist cracking and deterioration common to many lightweight batteries used in harsh automotive environments. The battery is a sealed unit that can be mounted in any position safely using its adjustable automotive terminal posts. Braille batteries include a one-year free replacement limited warranty that is not pro-rated.

IMPORTANT: Braille batteries can only be shipped to addresses within the United States or Canada.


*Please be aware you must Register Your Product to qualify for Warranty.

Braille Batteries are trusted around the World as the highest quality, most reliable batteries available. We have the strictest quality control standard and perform exclusive performance checks on all of our batteries prior to shipment to the customer. This prevents dead-on-arrival batteries. We also ship all of our batteries fully charged ready to install. Because of our high level of quality control we offer a free replacement warranty for the following periods:


FIRST YEAR FREE REPLACEMENT, SECOND YEAR PRO-RATED*: B2015, B2015C, B2317, B2618, B3121, B3121C, B6034, B6034M, B7548, B10049 & B10531M

*Warranty Terms & Conditions
• The product must have been registered within the first 60 days of ownership or have an original purchase receipt in order to be eligible for a warranty. If neither of these things are true Braille, LLC reserves the right to deny any warranty claim. Warranty Registration - Click Here
• All shipping of return items and replacement items are the customer’s responsibility. (USPS Flat Rate Box is often the most cost effective option)
• Braille, LLC’s warranties are non-transferable. Warranties are meant for the original customer only. If the item is resold from the original purchaser to any other buyer (i.e. ebay, forums, in a vehicle, etc.) no warranty is available.
• Shipping your battery back to Braille, LLC without the proper paperwork may lead to the loss of your item and/or the denial of your warranty claim.
• Any batteries damaged when delivered back to Braille, LLC will not be replaced under the free replacement warranty program. It is the customer’s responsibility to package the item so that it will not be damaged during the shipping process. At that time Braille, LLC reserves the right to charge up to full MSRP for the item warranted.
• All carbon fiber batteries must be returned prior to Braille, LLC shipping out a replacement item.
• All warranty batteries must be returned to and received by Braille, LLC within the warranty period (i.e. B14115 before the 1 year warranty has expired; B3121 before the 2 year warranty has expired).
• If the warranted item is not returned within 14 business days of receipt of the replacement item customer will be charged current MSRP minus 10%.
• Each item is only eligible for one free replacement. After that a pro rated price may be decided upon on a customer to customer basis depending on the situation. At times only a repeat customer discount may be offered.
• Once a customer’s product has been warranted the replacement item only holds the warranty until the expiration of the original item. The warranty does not start over on the replacement item.
• Braille, LLC reserves the right to deny any warranty claim.

9 out of 14 people found the following review helpful:

March 10, 2009 4.6 / 5.0
I installed this battery into my daily driver mazda mx-6. The stock battery had long needing replacement and I searched the Internet and found these had really good reviews. When I received the battery I was shocked how little it was! The mounting bracket took a minute to figure out but once it was adjusted for the battery it mounted right were my factory battery was with the hooks provided. Overall I saved about 16 pounds which is awesome. The auto posts included were a nice touch and evrything seemed thought out pretty well. I would recommend using locktite or something on the top bolts just to make sure the terminals do not vibrate loose. Can't believe this battery saved as much weight as my carbon fiber hood that was $500... Installed just in time for the last snap of winter and started right up in 27 degree weather! We will see how this does during the summer.


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Anoeil Atenousazar
Customer review

Perfect addition for our rig. Compact and light. Lasts forever.

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