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Caliper Temp Indicator Strips 250-536 deg.

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Caliper Temperature Indicator Strips

Caliper Temperature Indicator Strip is an accurate and easy solution for recording peak temperature of brake calipers on the track or street. Monitor the maximum temperature the caliper has reached by attaching one of the oil and water resistant, self adhesive thermal labels to a clean, smooth area on the caliper, for example the piston bore or caliper body. Indicator color changes from orange to black permanently when a new, or higher temperature level is achieved. Made in the UK by a world leading temperature monitoring products manufacturer. Sold in packs of 10.

  • Temp range: 250°F to 536°F (121°C to 280°C)
  • Temp levels: 8
  • Accuracy: 1%

Indicator readings:

  • 0-250°F / 0-121°C: Not recorded on the temp strip, too cool for optimum braking performance on track
  • 250-330°F / 121-166°C: Ideal caliper operating temperature for track
  • 370-450°F / 188-232°C: Running on the hot side, but acceptable. Calipers should be inspected for leaks after each event
  • 450-536°F / 232-280°C: Calipers running too hot. Seals must be replaced as soon as possible. Calipers should be inspected for leaks after each event. Inspect all components in the brake system. Diagnose the issue and reduce the maximum temperature of the brake components. 


For a comprehensive brake temperature program, we also recommend rotor temperature indicating paint. This paint shows the maximum temp range reached by your rotors. Combining the temp strips and paint allows you to select the most effective brake pad compound for your application! If you need help with this selection process, just contact us and we can help!

SKU: PCA.99.01.02


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