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Hawk Performance HB101 Series Brake Pad

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Compound: HPS
Thickness: 0.800 in.

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Hawk Performance HB101 Series Brake Pad 4 Pads included in set.

Experience the legacy of Hawk pads, born on the racetrack over 30 years ago. Our passion for superior control, track records, and unmatched braking power transcends to the streets, dirt tracks, and trails. Whatever your ride, we offer the tested technology you demand.


Choose the compound you want above.  A description of each compounds characteristics and performance is listed below.  If you have questions, please reach out and we can help you select the most appropriate compound for your vehicle.  To optimize your pad selection you can use our brake temperature paint and caliper temp strips to determine your usual operating range. 

Streetable compounds: 

Ceramic "Z" compound - Quiet, long life, low dust.

Choose this pad if noise and longevity is your primary concern.  Hawk understands the needs of today's ceramic brake pad users and has specifically formulated our composite material to meet - and beat - the stringent low noise, ultra-low dust performance standards. 

HPS - Performance Street -

The HPS is our most popular street pad.  Choose this pad for sporting performance without lots of noise.  Optimal range of 100-500F and total range of 100-700 F. Smooth braking feel. Excellent for spirited driving. Gentle on rotors and extended pad life. Consistent brake release characteristics. Increased stopping power. This product offers a wide optimal range of 100-500F and a total range of 100-700F, making it suitable for various driving conditions. Its smooth braking feel and consistent brake release characteristics enhance driving control and safety.

HP5.0 - Dual Use High Performance Street

An evolution of the HPS - choose the HPS 5.0 if you would like a little more than the HPS.  Optimal range of 100-550F and total range of 100-750 F. Aggressive torque. Great rotor & pad wear life.Smooth & predictable control. Designed to deliver high deceleration rates with out fade. Consistent brake release characteristics for a smooth braking feel

HP+ - Dual purpose street/track.

Choose the HP Plus if you want max street performance without compromise or for more casual track day use.  Much more bite than the HPS series with an optimal range of 300-600F and total range of 100-800, these brake pads provide reliable and consistent brake performance. Designed for low to mid temperature range, they are fade resistant and offer smooth and predictable torque, making them ideal for Autocross and light track activities. Trust in the expertise and quality of Hawk Alcon to enhance your driving experience.

Truck compounds:

LTS - Light Truck/SUV.

Choose the LTS for your truck if you want improved street performance without any potential for noise/dust.   LTS/Light Truck & SUV disc brake compound dramatically improves your vehicle's stopping power and fade resistance and outlasts the competition in terms of rotor and pad wear. Ideal for a broad range of import and domestic vehicles, LTS provides superior stopping power and longer pad life, without excessive noise and dust. Optimal pad choice for light duty trucks, all classes of SUVs, and vans up to 1 ton, and provides 20-40% more stopping power over stock replacement pads.
Super Duty - Commercial and Heavy Duty Trucks
Choose this compound for extreme duty commercial and on/off-road Class 2 vehicles.  Super Duty Pads are used by both OE and aftermarket companies servicing the mining, construction, military and commercial truck markets, and Hawk's SuperDuty compound features that same high performance, severe-duty friction technology.   This compound has been engineered for Class 2 and higher, on-highway, commercial-grade vehicles. This product is not recommended for personal or recreational trucks and SUVs.

Track Oriented compounds: 

DTC-80 - Best Race Pad.

DTC-80 is a compound engineered for use on all circle track and road racing venues where a high torque, high temperature-resilient friction material is a must. With a formulated flat coefficient of friction at high temperature levels, DTC-80 provides consistent performance corner after corner. Track tested and proven effective, this formulation offers lower wear rates and higher torque values than other competitive materials on the market today. The end results are better car control, more confident brake zone feel, and stunningly predictable performance.

DTC-70 - Max Temp

Extremely high torque with aggressive controllable initial bite. Superior release and torque control characteristics. Brake pads designed for cars with high deceleration rates with or without down force. Experience superior braking power and control with Hawk Alcon Mono6 Caliper Brake Pads. With aggressive initial bite and exceptional torque control, these pads are ideal for high-performance vehicles with quick deceleration rates. Whether you have a car with or without down force, these brake pads provide unmatched performance and precision.

DTC-60 - Race temp - more control

High torque with less initial bite than DTC 70. Superior release and torque control characteristics. Brake pads designed for cars with high deceleration rates with or without down force. Recommended for use with DTC-70 when split friction between front and rear axle is desired. Improve your car's deceleration rate with Hawk Alcon Mono6 Caliper Brake Pads. With superior release and torque control, these pads are designed for high performance vehicles, whether they have a front or rear down force.

DTC-30 - Mid Temp - more control

Brake pads designed Specifically for Dirt Circle Track applications. Uniquely controllable torque with smooth consistent feel and bite. Superior Release and torque control characteristics.


Developed specifically to meet the demands of Dirt Circle Track applications. DTC-15 brake pads are a medium torque compound (less torque than DTC-30, more than DTC-5) with superior release characteristics and excellent cold effectiveness.


Developed specifically to meet the demands of lower torque Dirt Track Racing. This friction formulation provides very controllable, higher temperature performance as compared to stock pads.

BLUE 9012 - Max torque

Medium/High torque and temperature compound with excellent brake modulation. #1 selling brake pad material for SCCA.


Medium torque and temperature compound designed to be a good, all-purpose low- cost racing brake pad.


Intermediate to high torque with a smooth initial bite. Very consistent pedal feel. Excellent modulation and release characteristics.


Very high torque with aggressive initial bite. Excellent modulation and release characteristics. Brake pads designed for cars with extremely high deceleration rates and down force.

Common Application: AP Racing Essex / Brakeman / CNC / Coleman / Outlaw / Wilwood DTC-70 Race Brake Pads

Part Number/Shape: HB101


Caliper type:

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