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Up to $600 rebate on brake kits through December
Up to $600 rebate on brake kits through December

Pagid Street+ brake pad Axle Set T8029SP2001 FMSI:

by Pagid
SKU: T8029SP2001
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Current price $133.28
+ Developed for High Performance Street use.

STREET+ brake pads by PAGID Racing feature  all around performance characteristics for street cars. This dedicated compound development maintains a constant high performance level over a wide range of temperatures meaning they work well from the first mile to the end of your drive.

+ Excellent Performance behavior for street cars.

Pagid Street plus friction profile

These High performance brake pads for road and street offer excellent performance and modulation characteristics and are also applicable on track days. The friction compound was approved on the race track and on the streets.  You can see in the data that the friction profile remains very consistent from 100C/200F up to 600C/1100F.  This means reduced brake fade and glazing when you need it the most.

STREET+ by PAGID Racing embodies decades of racing experience into a global product, street legal and compliant with latest environmental requirements. In combination with anti-noise shims.

Similar to PAGID Racing brake pads, these employ a dual retention system, with an adhesive bond and a unique mechanical system greatly reducing the chance of pad delamination and rotor damage.

The mechanical system on STREET+ by PAGID Racing consists of a crimped backplate interface to friction material, ensuring an enhanced bonding between friction material and the backplate.


CLS (C218), 01/11 -
CLS (C219), 10/04 - 02/11
CLS Shooting Brake (X218), 10/12 -
E-CLASS (W211), 03/02 - 03/09
E-CLASS (W212), 01/09 -
E-CLASS Platform/Chassis (VF211), 03/03 - 07/09
E-CLASS T-Model (S211), 03/03 - 07/09
E-CLASS T-Model (S212), 08/09 -
S-CLASS (W220), 10/98 - 08/05
S-CLASS (W221), 09/05 - 12/13
S-CLASS Coupe (C215), 03/99 - 08/06
S-CLASS Coupe (C216), 05/06 - 12/13
SL (R230), 10/01 - 01/12
SLK (R171), 03/04 - 02/11

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