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Alcon Road Kit Bobbin Assembly Instructions.  Wave spring style

Alcon Road Kit Bobbin Assembly Instructions. Wave spring style

Assembly Procedure - This is for Alcon Extreme brake kits with the semi-gloating style Bobbins.

1. Insert bushing into the aluminum hat and press in.  2. Insert wavo springs into location diameter on every other bushing so that there are an even spread of springs. Ensure correct orientation of spring (see fig.1).

3. Insert bobbin into bushing and push the bobbin through so that it engages with the disc.

4. Push bolt through bobbin.

5. Apply a small amount of thread retainer, (Loctite 243 Blue) enough to cover 2-4 threads, to portion of bolt protruding from the disc. Hand assemble a nut onto each bolt so that they are finger tight.

6. Tighten the nuts (not the bolt) in a start sequence.   Tightening Torques: M6 10-11 nM or  7.4-8.1 ftl-lbs

7. Apply a small amount of red paint to the end of each bolt to indicate that the nuts have been torqued correctly.

8. Ensure that all the springs are located under the bobbin flange and located securely in the recess of the bushing and not trapped between the bobbin flange and the bell.


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