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Alcon armored - for you.

Alcon armored - for you.

Did you know that the calipers used on Alcon's consumer line of Heavy Duty Truck brakes were born from the armored and defense industry?  Long before offered brake systems for the Ford Raptor, LC200, Tundra, Jeep, and others they were supplying brakes for armored SUVs to the largest military and NGO vehicles across the globe.

Those same calipers that you'll find on a UN Humanitarian Aid truck in the deserts of Africa, where reliability is paramount, you will get with your Alcon Heavy Duty Truck Brake kit.

Fitting larger tires, lift kits, adding weight in the form of special equipment and increased engine power all translates to much higher demands on your vehicles’ brakes – both in terms of requiring more brake torque and generating more heat. Whether you are highway driving or rock crawling, the Alcon brake upgrade provides more stopping power, eliminates fade and provides precise control in all situations making your rig safer and more fun to drive.

Alcon brake solutions are designed and built to the highest specification, developed to withstand the harshest and most demanding of environments encountered on the battlefield, whilst providing excellent braking performance and reliability.

Off-the-shelf solutions available for a range of brake upgrades. 

The braking requirements of an armored personnel carrier may be different to those of a racing car, but to Alcon the challenge remains the same: to create the strongest, lightest and most efficient braking system without compromise.

Alcon customers know that too, which is why  some of the world’s most renown defense contractors such as BAE Systems, General Dynamics and Patria rely on Alcon components. Alcon supplies braking components to the defense industry on vehicles as diverse as British Army Land Rover Defenders, Supacat Jackal and Coyote armoured vehicles and the 35 tonne, eight wheel Patria AMV. They also equip tracked vehicles such as tanks and vehicles with regenerative braking on one or more axles.

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