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Press Release - Street+ Brake Pads by PAGID Racing

Press Release - Street+ Brake Pads by PAGID Racing

Pagid Street+ Brake Pads press release

New: STREET+ by PAGID Racing - High performance brake pads homologated for street use

The newly developed brake pad for street use incorporates the know-how from over three decades in motorsport. The STREET+ by PAGID Racing brake pads meet global requirements for street and environment while providing maximum performance and safety at the highest level. A Cu-free* compound is used for the manufacturing of the friction material.

PAGID Racing is launching a high performance brake pad for street cars with its STREET+ by PAGID Racing product. For the development, the braking specialist was able to make use of its many years of experience in motorsport. The result is a Cu-free* brake pad that has been homologated for street cars and provides highest performance as well as utmost safety. The new STREET+ by PAGID Racing brake pads are available for a wide variety of street cars. They can be ordered from the PAGID Racing dealer network with immediate effect.

STREET+ by PAGID Racing incorporates PAGID Racing’s motorsport DNA, as the brake pads for street use deliver an outstanding performance. The new products come, among others, with an excellent brake pedal feeling that is comparable to motorsport, a consistent performance, also in higher temperature ranges, as well as a high level of fade resistance. Additional benefits are anti-noise shims as well as the low level of brake dust development under braking. In the development process, PAGID Racing has paid particular attention to the Cu-free* composition of the friction material.

Transferring motorsport technology to the streets, naturally needed to incorporate maximum safety, too. That is why the innovative mechanical retention system applied in motorsport is also being used for the STREET+ by PAGID Racing brake pads. A roughened surface on the friction material ensures optimum bonding with the backplate, even under the highest load.

Jürgen Voigt, Senior Sales Manager OE Motorsport: “With STREET+ by PAGID Racing, we are launching a product that marks a new milestone in PAGID Racing’s history. The Cu-free* brake pads, approved for street cars, provide maximum performance and safety at the highest level. We are delighted that from now on, STREET+ by PAGID Racing is complementing our product portfolio.”

Xabier Ugarte, Chief Engineer PAGID Racing: “In the development of STREET+ by PAGID Racing, we were able to make use of our comprehensive know-how from motorsport. Creating a high-performance product that meets the global requirement of entirely different markets was a particular challenge. We have achieved this with the STREET+ by PAGID Racing brake pads.”

* contains less than 0.5 percent copper by weight

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