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Pro System / Alcon replacement rotor packages

Pro System / Alcon replacement rotor packages

Pro-System has spent more than two decades meeting the needs of highly demanding North American motorsports teams. The company develops, tests – this is where it has a pronounced advantage – and produces high performance brake components for competitors in virtually all classes including NASCAR, IMSA, Indy Car, Vintage racing, short-track racing and Late Model.

Technical engineering professionals have years of experience at the team and manufacturing levels. Support through bench testing, product design, data gathering and analysis

Brake bedding ensures all rotors and pads are ready to race and require no further break-in beyond warming up on the out lap. Fully automated, computer-controlled electric brake dynos are used for bedding, testing and development of brake parts.

The automated bedding sequence uses the correct inertia and cycle time for the job to ensure you are getting the highest quality parts available and that they are the same specification time after time. Drivers and teams have more than enough to be concerned with during a race weekend or a private test day. Pre-bedded rotors  means you do not have to waste valuable track time or money bedding brakes.

Key features & benefits

  • All Pro-System rotors are machined at our facility in Mooresville, North Carolina from specially formulated grey cast iron providing the best in thermal stability, friction coefficient and heat transfer characteristics.
  • Rotors are supplied pre-bedded ready to race to eliminate costly and time-consuming bedding on track. Hardware is engineered for the sufficient amount of float, to allow for correct rotor expansion.
  • Round bobbins are plated to extend the life of the hardware.
  • For extended hat life, Pro-System produces their high-quality hats from aircraft grade aluminum and hard anodizes the hats.

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