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Inspecting your Alcon brakes

Inspecting your Alcon brakes

Racing brakes, unlike those fitted and used on Road Cars are subject to continually high temperatures and stress and therefore must be serviced correctly if they are to give continuing good performance.

The main items to be looked at very regularly are the discs and pads - both of which wear out. Inspection of these should be a regular part of car preparation - with worn items being replaced. Whilst inspecting calipers, it is advisable to look for any sign of moisture around the pistons - especially if the calipers have been very hot (see COOLING above) and the fluid connections.

If there is any sign of fluid leakage from calipers, they should be serviced and fitted with new seals. In long distance races it may be necessary to fit replacement pads - and possibly discs - during the event. This procedure should be properly practised (with HOT brakes) prior to the event to avoid risk, confusion and time wastage. It is important that replacement pads (and discs if being replaced) are pre-bedded so that the driver needs only to warm up the brakes prior to achieving an acceptable, but not at this stage, optimum, retardation. Discs should be regularly inspected for cracks and must be changed if necessary. During routine maintenance, clean calipers particularly the outside diameter of pistons - with clean soft cloth or paper towel - and inspect for any signs of damage or leakage, check fixing bolts for correct tightness.

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