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Turbulator or non-turbulator?

Turbulator or non-turbulator?

Looking to identify if you have Turbulator or Non-Turbulator rotors?  Here's how!

IMPORTANT - To identify if these are the Turbulator or Non turbulator style rotor, measure the air-gap between the rotor surfaces and the metal disc thickness.

There were TWO versions of this rotor size.  Please verify which one you are ordering.

The Non-Turbulator DIV2175X535C48 - 14mm Air Gap - 9mm surface thickness 19mm Air Gap - 6.5mm - 7mm surface thickness.

The Turbulator DIV2202X602C48 - 19mm Air Gap - 6.5mm - 7mm surface thickness

These discs are direct replacements for your Stasis/Alcon BBK.  They will bolt on and are directional so you must order a Left and a Right. We also suggest replacing your brake pads andhardware when buying new rings.  Replacing the pads at this times guarantees better rotor life and better break-in than using old pads.

Advantage Extreme discs have been engineered to produce optimum bite, thermal stability and durability in an exceptionally high strength to low weight design.  This hasbeen achieved by combining a special Alcon developed iron alloy disc with an aerospace specification alloy bell.

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